5 cheap Cristiano Ronaldo alternatives that FIFA 22 Career Mode players should sign

Griezmann and Mbappe are great alternatives to Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Griezmann and Mbappe are great alternatives to Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)

FIFA 22 has several world-class players that one can enjoy in Career Mode and Ultimate Team, but very few are like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in FIFA 22. Despite his age, he packs a punch in the game and will be available to players starting a career mode save with Manchester United. However, there are other options in case they can't avail of the Portuguese's services.

However, the players on this list will cost less and will be on lesser wages as well. The stats may not be as good as those of Cristiano's, but they can come close to becoming World Stars

Five great yet cheap alternatives to Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 22 Career Mode

5) Marcus Thuram

OVR: 79

Pot: 85

Age: 23

Value: 27.5 million euros


Marcus Thuram is a solid option that can be acquired in FIFA 22 Career Mode without breaking the bank. He is a versatile player, and even at his base overall of 79, Thuram is viable in the meta. He has great pace, good finishing, aerial ability, and dribbling to suit different play styles.

4) Myron Boadu

OVR: 76

Pot: 85

Age: 20

Value: 16.5 million euros


Boadu is one of the fastest footballers in FIFA 22. He has good finishing but lacks aerial quality. However, he is an ideal option in career mode if players are looking at long-term success.

3) Andre SIlva

OVR: 84

Pot: 85

Age: 25

Value: 51 million euros


Andre Silva lacks pace but is an excellent option for those who need a target man or someone who holds up the play. In addition, his excellent finishing and aerial ability make him extremely clinical in the game.

2) Antoine Griezmann

OVR: 85

Pot: 85

Age: 30

Value: 53 million euros


Although his base position is CAM, Antoine Griezmann is highly effective as an ST in the FIFA 22 meta. He has good pace, great agility, dribbling and pinpoint finishes. Suffice to say, his skillset is more suited for the striker position.

1) Kylian Mbappe

OVR: 91

Pot: 95

Age: 22

Value: 194 million euros


Seeing Kylian Mbappe's name may be surprising, but there is a valid reason for his inclusion. Mbappe will be a potential free signing once FIFA 22 Career Mode players enter their first winter window.

No words are required to explain just how good the Frenchman is in the game. Getting him free will be the ultimate signing any player can make in FIFA 22 Career Mode.