5 most underwhelming Team Of The Week cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT 22)

FIFA 22 has had some underwhelming TOTW cards so far (Image via EA Sports)
FIFA 22 has had some underwhelming TOTW cards so far (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 22 Team of the Week (TOTW) cards have made some brilliant editions with weekly releases over the last five weeks. Still, some of the player items are extremely underwhelming and mediocre at best.

TOTW has a limited number of cards available to FIFA 22 players from packs every week. These cards have lesser supply due to their rarer pack odds, and are in great demand among FIFA 22 players in general.

While TOTW cards are in-form items in FIFA 22 that have their teams' boosted stats, some of the cards have not met expectations.

This could be either lower than the expected overall, or have one or more stats that weaken the player's item. Let's take a look at 5 TOTW player items between TOTW 1 and TOTW 7 that are not quite up to the mark.

5 TOTW player items that are not up to the standards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

5) Alessandro Bastoni

OVR: 85

Position: CB

Major Weaknesses: Pace and Agility

The centre-back is not supposed to be the fastest player item in FIFA 22. Still, such is the in-game meta that defenders require a certain pace to be useful competitively.

Alessandro Bastoni is one of the best young footballers in real life, but his TOTW item in FIFA 22 has only 70 Pace and 63 Agility. Both have turned the player item into a mediocre one for the Ultimate Team.

4) Roberto Firmino

OVR: 86

Position: CF

Weaknesses: Pace, Shooting, and Passing

Roberto Firmino earned his TOTW card on the back of a hat-trick, but the card is far from his achievement. First, a Center Forward with 79 Pace is not high enough.

Usually, such players make up for it with high shooting, but the 80 Shooting is not nearly good enough. Finally, Firmino fits well in Klopp's system due to his build-up ability, but 80 Passing barely reflects that.

3) Thiago Silva

Overall: 86

Position: CB

Weaknesses: Pace, Stamina

Thiago Silva's TOTW has good defensive skills, but a mere 55 Pace ruins many things. His 70 Stamina also makes it difficult for him to use in pressing systems and requires a substitute. Silva's TOTW item is good but could certainly be better.

2) Dusan Tadic

Overall: 86

Position: LW

Weaknesses: Pace

To put it briefly, Dusan Tadic TOTW is a great card with a wrong position. 72 Pace of the TOTW item means that players can't use him competitively in the FIFA 22 meta. It can be used in CAM more effectively, but when judged by its designated position, there are many cheaper and better options available.

1) Thomas Muller

OVR: 88

Position: CAM

Weaknesses: Pace and Physical


Thomas Muller's TOTW player item in FIFA 22 has a designated position as CAM. While the position does not need an over-reliance on pace, there is a minimum threshold, and 69 Pace does go past the threshold.

73 Physical makes it even more difficult as faster CBs can catch up and out muscle Muller to win back possession.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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