5 fan-favorite games that should be on Game Pass

Fans want Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox Game Pass (Image via Rockstar)
Fans want Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox Game Pass (Image via Rockstar)

The Xbox Game Pass is the premier video game subscription to get right now. With its competitive prices and massive library, Game Pass has been widely praised by users. The subscription service works wonders for players who want to try out different games without the commitment of purchasing a title. Having games from EA as well, the Xbox Game Pass is a must-get this season.

With a massive library of games already, the Game Pass is impressive. Players and fans, however, would like to see more games added to it. This can only entail more users buying into the subscription service and will add a ton more variety to the library.

Here are 5 fan-favorite games that should be available on the Xbox Game Pass.

5 games fans want to see on Xbox Game Pass

1) Cuphead


Run n’ Gun games have been around since the days of the arcade cabinet. These games test skill and speed like no other and the players who master them are hailed as champions. Cuphead isn’t a new concept, but it is one of the best-looking games of its kind. Every single frame of Cuphead has been meticulously hand-drawn by artists who embrace the old ways. Cuphead’s unique style can be attributed to the old hand-drawn Disney cartoons.

Cuphead is a brutal game. There are moments that make players feel like they’ve been cheated out of a win. The controls are simple enough and with co-op it should feel easy, but the enemies are ruthless and have so many different variations of attacks that it feels like a hellish experience. That's exactly what the devs intended.

The fact that Cuphead is not available on the Game Pass is a travesty. The game was published by Microsoft and is available on all platforms, including the Switch. Cuphead is a deserved entry on this list and should be available on the Game Pass.

2) Sifu


Taking martial arts and beat ‘em ups to a whole new level and style, Sifu delivers an action-packed game with an interesting twist. Sifu feels like the player is going through their own kung-fu movie, dishing out punishment to the bad guys that deserve it. Sifu is a fun and entertaining experience that truly lives up to its genre.

The gameplay is quite linear and is not hard to pick up quickly. Players will get acclimated to Sifu’s combat style and learn on the fly. For a game designed to look good, Sifu has elements that will make players feel like they are in their favorite martial arts movie. Sifu has an interesting mechanic that ages the player’s character if he dies in combat. This aging mechanic has certain penalties that come with it, but it's an all-round fair experience.

Fans have praised Sifu for its jaw-dropping fight sequences and gameplay. Fans have conquered the game and have been wowed by its gripping story. Microsoft has not added the game to the Game Pass library, but subscribers will not be disappointed by Sifu if they do decide to add it.

3) Red Dead Redemption 2


Rockstar Games is one of the biggest names in gaming. They have spent decades making good and original games that have taken the community by storm. The best games available to play contain Rockstars’ tag on them. The Red Dead series has been one of their best franchises alongside GTA.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been called one of the best games of all time, and rightly so. Its vast open wilderness, harsh terrain and amazing visuals are just some of the things that make it great.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a cinematic experience. The game has an incredibly polished story and the characters feel very nuanced. RDR2’s mechanics aren’t too complicated and the game does hold the players’ hands quite a bit, but there is a lot to experience in these vast stretches of land. Players have immense freedom to do anything they want.

Asking for Red Dead Redemption 2 to be available on the Game Pass is a tall order. With Microsoft and Rockstar being competitors in the video game market, there is little to no evidence of any Rockstar title being added to the subscription service.

4) Devil May Cry 5


After a long hiatus, the Devil May Cry series is back with its original style and direction. Ninja Theory’s reboot had halted any plans for the series, and it seemed to be dead in the water. Devil May Cry 5 encapsulates everything good about the series and turns it up to eleven.

The game is a brilliant hack-and-slash. Players will feel extreme joy when playing as any of the three characters available going through the story. Every weapon, power-up, and replaceable arm feels extremely thought out, and the story isn’t too bad either.

Devil May Cry 5 has all the characters fans love. From the iconic dual gun-wielding devil hunter, Dante, to his twin brother Vergil and even Nero. Fans will be delighted to see some of the best set pieces for the franchise with iconic dialogue and incredibly designed enemies. The gameplay is exactly like older games, and juggling enemies for style points has never looked so cool.

Devil May Cry 5 has a new special edition exclusively for PS5, which could be one of the reasons it is not on the Game Pass. Fans and subscribers alike will enjoy the newest addition to the Devil May Cry series, and it will only boost the service's popularity.

Capcom has not made any announcements, but fans can speculate about the arrival of more of their games on the Game Pass.

5) Dark Souls 3


Hidetaka Miyazaki has been responsible for the success of the Souls franchise. Guiding the team to impossible heights, the game series is a classic. Adding never-before seen tropes to video gaming, the Souls series has become its own genre. It has also inspired many other game developers to follow their path, and the players have been spoilt ever since.

The Dark Souls trilogy has been one of the most influential game series of all time. With its bleak setting and grim undertones, it was a strange game compared to its peers at the time. The release of Dark Souls 3 in 2016 was a testament to its success.

The game has been widely praised for its brutality and sheer scope of gameplay. Combining its two biggest IPs at the time, FromSoftware used the speed of Bloodborne’s mechanics and tied it in with Dark Souls, creating an unforgettable experience.

Sadly, none of the Souls games are available on the Game Pass, and with Bandai Namco heavily invested in Elden Ring, there is little hope of seeing Dark Souls 3 on the subscription service.

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