5 female Twitch streamers who forgot they were live in front of thousands

Twitch streamers who forgot they were live in front of thousands (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch streamers who forgot they were live in front of thousands (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Twitch streamers often end up in situations that can be extremely fun or hugely embarrassing. There have been instances where Twitch streamers and content creators have found themselves in circumstances where they were not aware of their surroundings.

Sometimes Twitch streamers forget that their cameras or livestreams are turned off, resulting in them doing something goofy or entirely out of their persona or character. In this list, fans will see some female streamers who did just that.

Here are the five female Twitch streamers who forgot that they were live in front of thousands of viewers.

Female Twitch streamers who forgot they were live in front of thousands

5) HAChubby


Timestamp: 00:21

South Korean Twitch streamer HAChubby had a hilarious incident sometime back when she forgot she had restarted her stream after stopping her daily livestream for the day.

Unknowingly, she started to browse the internet and after a couple of minutes, some viewers in her active Twitch chat notified the streamer that she had accidentally restarted her stream. HAChubby instantly switched off her stream after she was notified by her loyal viewers.

Her hilarious reaction after finding out that she had been streaming is for the ages.

4) PotasticP


Jennie "PotasticP" is an American Twitch streamer and content creator who was hosting a livestream on her Twitch channel back in 2020. As she was hosting a sleep stream, she woke up unknowingly to the fact that her camera and livestream were on.

After snuggling and cuddling with her partner for a few seconds, PotasticP realized that her stream was on and promptly pushed her partner out of bed.

3) Fangs


Timestamp: 02:10

Fangs is one of the most famous YouTubers and streamers who focuses her content around the sports game, FIFA. During one of her livestreams back in 2020, Fangs landed up streaming for a long period of time, resulting in her getting exhausted and fatigued.

Not realizing that she was still livestreaming, Fangs ended up getting passed out on stream due to severe exhaustion. Following this, she fell from her chair, after which she woke up and claimed that she had hurt herself.

2) MissQGemini


Haley, popularly known as MissQGemini, is a former Twitch streamer who has gained a lot of traction due to a certain livestreaming event. MissQGemini had been streaming the widely popular first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, during one of her livestreams.

During the same livestream, it seemed that the Twitch streamer seemingly forgot that she was live on camera and loaded up a bunch of cheats for CS:GO. As soon as she hopped into the game, the streamer was seen initializing some wall hacks and other methods to gain an unfair advantage.

1) Pokimane


Timestamp: 03:16

Imane "Pokimane", one of the most influential and well-known female Twitch streamers, got caught up in such a scenario. During one of her past streams, Pokimane had been playing a bunch of games with her friends and thought that she had ended her Twitch stream.

While casually hanging out with her friends, she realized that she had been livestreaming the whole time while conversing with her friends. She quickly apologized for certain actions while being unaware of the embarrassing situation.

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