5 footballers who have better pace in FIFA 23 than Cristiano Ronaldo

Players that beats Ronaldo
Players that beats Ronaldo's Pace in FIFA 23 (Images via Getty)

Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has again entered the list of FIFA 23's top players, according to EA Sports' ratings, which were announced on September 12. Since the mid-2000s, Ronaldo has been regarded as one of the best players in the world after his debut at Manchester United. In 2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017, all while playing for Real Madrid, he was elected the best player in the world. Even though he is 37 years old and his performance is declining, he is still a potent goal scorer.

According to EA Sports, Ronaldo has a 90 overall rating in FIFA 23. He has 92 Shooting, 85 Dribbling, 81 Pace, 78 Passing, 75 Physical, and 34 Defending in FIFA 23 as a striker.

Compared to FIFA 22, Ronaldo’s pace has degraded from 87 to 81 in FIFA 23. Additionally, his Acceleration(79) and Sprint Speed(83) have significantly decreased.

In the area of Pace, many players are faster than Ronaldo.

Some of the best players who have better pace than Ronaldo in FIFA 23 are mentioned below

5) Neymar Jr


Neymar Jr. is a left winger who plays for Brazil's national team and Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain. His overall has 87 Pace, 86 Sprint Speed and 88 Acceleration. And his overall rating comes to 89. Though not the quickest player on the list, the Brazilian superstar is one of the ball-handling experts. Along with his 94 and 95 ball control and 95 dribbling, the Brazilian also adds 93 composure to handle even the greatest defenders. He has a 5-star skill moves rating and is right-footed with a weak foot rating of 5/5. His attacking work rate stands high and defensive at medium.

4) Sadio Mane


Senegalese football player Sadio Mané competes for both the Senegal national team and Bundesliga club Bayern Munich as a striker and an attacking midfielder. He has a 4-star skill moves rating. His right foot is his preferred shooting foot, with a weak foot rating of 4/5. His attacking work rate stands at high and defensive at medium.

The attacker got 90 Pace, 90 Speed, and 91 Acceleration. Mane's speed is undeniable, but it's on the ball at peak speed when his 93 Agility and 91 Acceleration really shine. With his 91 Reactions, he is a trustworthy finisher as well. His overall rating is 89 in FIFA 23.

3) Mohamed Salah


Mohamed Salah, a forward for Premier League team Liverpool and Egypt's national team captain, is an Egyptian-born professional footballer. He has a 4-star skill moves rating, and his preferred shooting foot is his left foot, with a weak foot rating of 3/5. His attacking work rate stands high, and his defensive at medium.

When the topic of speed comes up, Mohamed Salah’s name is always included. The Egyptian has a speed rating of 90, 91 sprint speed, and 89 acceleration, making him one of the quickest players in FIFA 23. Mohamed Salah, who has a 90-attacking rating, is the real deal. Mohamed Salah is an excellent finisher with his 93 finishing, which goes beyond pace. This makes him a versatile attacker, along with his 93 Reactions and 92 Positioning. He isn't just ahead of Ronaldo in terms of pace; there are other areas where he's a better option in FIFA 23.

2) Vinícius Jr


Vinicius Junior, often known as Vini Jr., is a Brazilian professional football player who competes for both the Brazilian national team and La Liga club Real Madrid as a winger.

He is one of the list's younger players. The attacking player for Real Madrid has a pace, sprint speed, and acceleration rating of 95. His overall rating is 86 in FIFA 23. His attacking workrate stands high and defensive at medium. His preferred foot is right, with a weak foot rating of 4/5.

His 95 Acceleration and 95 Sprint Speed, which are always helpful in the face of counterattacks, are the foundation of his game. He also moves well in the opponent's zone thanks to his 94 Agility.

1)Kylian Mbappe


A forward for both the France national team and Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappé is a French professional football player.

The top player on the list with 97 Pace, 97 Sprint Speed, and 97 Acceleration makes him the epitome of speed. However, the 91-rated Frenchman in FIFA 23 also has a very high rating in another area that excels at high speed, with a 93 Dribbling rating standing out. His attacking workrate stands at high and defensive at low. His preferred shooting foot is right, with a weak foot rating of 4/5. His speed is significantly greater than Ronaldo's, but he lacks some other attributes.

Anyone can see that Mbappe is a virtual machine in the game by taking a glance at his data and his performances in no way can let us down.

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