5 good local co-op games to play in 2022

Tekken 7 (image via Bandai Namco)
Tekken 7 (image via Bandai Namco)

Playing a local co-op game these days is hard. With online multiplayer being responsible for attracting players, local co-op games have taken a back seat. This is not to say that there aren’t good local co-op games out there.

Local co-op gaming is still a top choice for many gamers who just want to lay down and play with some friends.

Local co-op games are a treat to play in the current era. With wildly creative ideas and gameplay mechanics, these games are a breath of fresh air from the more serious AAA titles.

Here are some of the best local co-op games to get into in 2022.

Five good local co-op games to play in 2022

1) Portal 2


The first entry on this list is a timeless classic. When Valve was still making video games, the Portal franchise was an inviting one.

Two people on the same system could enjoy a local co-op game with a split-screen. The Portal franchise is one of Valve’s oldest IPs, and it has been a classic video game ever since.

Portal 2’s gameplay is very simple. Use the iconic Portal gun to solve the puzzles. Teaming up with a friend can be fun as the game was designed with two players in mind.

Portal 2 has very quirky characters and an intriguing plotline. The puzzles are challenging but solvable with enough patience. Players can enjoy a calming puzzle experience that doubles as a local co-op game.

2) It Takes Two


A game that takes couch co-op to a whole new level, It Takes Two is a wonderful and fun experience that ties all the human emotions together. The game is quite long and is filled with content to take up an entire afternoon.

Players will have to work together to solve the various puzzles in and around the house to complete the game. There is also a bunch of side content that will intrigue the completionist in gamers.

It Takes Two is a wildly different experience. Leaning heavily on teamwork and relationship building, the game is an excellent teacher of big human emotions. The game is wonderfully designed and has a distinct art style.

The soundtrack is especially quirky as the game has a childlike feel. It Takes Two is a beautiful game best played with a significant other.

3) Overcooked 2


For anyone who wishes to become Gordon Ramsey, calling out orders and feeding irritable diners, Overcooked 2 is the local co-op game to try. Players will have to work together to deliver orders on time and in one piece. Overcooked 2 is a sequel to the smash-hit game of the same genre.

Overcooked 2 does little to expand on the original, but it does not need much improvement with its unique style. There is a lot of focus on the puzzle aspects as there are a ton of different dishes to cook and serve. There is also a fair bit of platforming that adds an extra level of difficulty, but the game is playable for all ages.

Overcooked 2 is a fun experience for gamers who enjoy the pressure of a real restaurant kitchen but with fun cartoon characters and no real stakes beside the upset diners.

4) Rocket League


The only free-to-play local co-op game on this list, Rocket League, answers the age-old question; “What if Football with car?” Rocket League is a multiplayer game that is one of the best football sims available.

Using cars, players can propel giant soccer balls into oversized goals. There are limited “rules” per se, and players can bulldoze through the competition, quite literally.

Rocket League also doubles as a local co-op game. Players can battle each other or even team up against other players in matchmaking that allows up to six players.

Rocket League is completely free-to-play and is the only game that features such gameplay. It is a must-play for anyone who wants to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

5) Tekken 7


When it comes to the fighting genre, the Tekken series is widely regarded as one of the biggest franchises in video gaming. Stemming from their classic Tekken gameplay, Tekken 7 expands on everything that has made the franchise great and iconic.

Tekken 7 has always been the number one choice for picking a game to enjoy with friends at home. Being a local co-op game has been a big aspect in the sales of Tekken, as players can enjoy fighting their friends with some of the most beloved and iconic characters in video gaming.

Tekken 7 is immensely complicated to pick up and play. Players can get lost in the seemingly neverending list of moves for characters. Tekken can feel extremely rewarding for anyone who wishes to dive deep into the game.

Tekken 7 is one of the best local co-op games one can play right now, and it proves that fighting games are not out of style.

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