5 hardest bosses in Steelrising and how to defeat them

Steelrising comes with some of the most impressive boss enemies for players to go up against (Image via Spider, Nacon)
Steelrising comes with some of the most impressive boss enemies for players to go up against (Image via Spider, Nacon)

Steelrising is developer Spiders' fresh new take on the very popular souls-like genre. The game retains the general gameplay loop and difficulty that users have come to expect from a souls-like title.

However, Steelrising stands apart from the crowd with an intriguing narrative that is a weird mix of steampunk and history.

The revolution has waited long enough. It's time to RISE to save Paris!Steelrising is now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.It will be available on Steam, Epic and GoG at 6pm CEST.

Like any good Dark Souls-inspired title, Steelrising features some incredible and fun boss battles. While most bosses in the game can look intimidating at first, they can be dispatched relatively easily with a plethora of tools and weapons at gamers' disposal.

In Steelrising, they come across bosses with several tiers, ranging from Unstable Automatons, much more powerful versions of the common enemies found throughout the game's world, to Titans, unique and mighty boss enemies that serve as the game's main bosses for each level.

While the Unstable Automatons can be a formidable force if players are not equipped with the right weapons, armor, and skills, the real challenge comes from the Titans.

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From Royal Orpheus to Executioner, five most formidable boss encounters in Steelrising

5) The Selenite of the Louvre


The Selenite of the Louvre is the first Titan encounter users will come up against in Steelrising. The boss is a shielding soldier with a long-reaching pike capable of using a few alchemical attacks.

Due to the positioning of the boss as the first major encounter in Steelrising, it is made exponentially more difficult due to players having limited resources, low attack, and endurance perks.

However, with proper knowledge of the boss' movesets and attack patterns, gamers can easily defeat the Titan Automaton. Selenite of the Louvre primarily attacks with its pike and occasionally emits electrical discharge from its massive shield, which can be easily avoided by dodging and getting behind the boss.

It also can do a quick-charged uppercut with its pike, which can deal significant damage if not avoided.

Once players deal a certain amount of damage to the boss, it goes into its second phase with a few new attacks and increased aggression. In its second phase, the Titan can ignite its shield to deal more damage to them.

However, most of its attacks have a reasonably distinct telegraph that can be used against the machine to defeat it. Here are a few items users can use to defeat the boss easily:

  • Use Ful resistance consumables - it helps mitigate any Ful damage taken from the boss.
  • Get the Ful resistance module - increases gamers' threshold against the boss' Ful attacks, which can be useful during the fight.
  • Explosive Grenades - deals roughly 300 damage, which is very strong and also staggers the opponent.
  • Endurance Module - extra Endurance/Stamina to give players more time before overheating.
  • Ordinary Health Potions - passively heals health damage for 20 seconds, which is a better alternative to the usual healing flasks.
  • Frost Grenades - takes around three of these to freeze the boss in place for a few seconds, leaving it open to damage.

Selenite of the Louvre also has a third phase which it enters when the boss' has only 1500 HP or 3 bars of health remaining. This phase is identical to the previous phase, mixed with a few rapid pike thrusts and a unique attack that sees the automaton pounce towards users and fall over, dealing a good chunk of damage.

However, they can take advantage of this by dodging at the right time and punishing with their own counterattacks.

4) The Executioner


The Executioner is one of Steelrising's most mesmerizing bosses due to its guillotine-inspired design, which is both intriguing and terrifying at the same time. The boss is a giant, slow but heavy-hitting automaton that also has the ability to deal frost damage.

It can also use its guillotine-like apparatus to grab and execute Aegis (the protagonist of Steelrising), dealing massive damage and frost build-up.

Much like any other Titan boss fight in Steelrising, The Executioner also has multiple phases, with a few attack variations. The boss mainly uses slow punches that are well telegraphed and easy to dodge.

However, it also mixes them with Ice Flail attacks that are tricky to evade and can inflict frost in two to three hits, freezing gamers in place for a few seconds and leaving them wide open for the boss' attacks.

The boss is also capable of ranged attacks using its guillotine chain, which deals damage in a wide radius. However, it leaves the boss open for a few seconds, leaving it vulnerable to damage.

At a certain point during the fight, the boss shifts to its second phase, where its attacks become much more violent and aggressive. Here are a few tips that players can use against the boss to defeat it:

  • The Executioner's biggest weakness is kiting, given its size and low agility.
  • Stocking up on grenades is a good idea before engaging The Executioner since it will allow users to deal significant damage to the boss from a distace.
  • Fire elemental weapons such as the Firey Batons, Fire and Volley Dueling Pistols, and even the Chevalier Musket are helpful against the boss.
  • Changing modules to frost and armor resistance is also a good idea before the boss fight.

The Executioner is intimidating, but at the same time, it is quite vulnerable to certain attacks and elements that users can use to get an edge over the boss.

3) The Royal Orpheus


The Royal Orpheus is an optional boss battle, but it is easily one of the game's most challenging and exciting bosses to fight. Gamers can find the Royal Orpheus only if they do the side quest that takes them back to Saint-Cloud, where they can find the boss waiting to be challenged.

The boss has a bunch of subtle yet massively damaging attacks that can surprise players. It is also a fulmination automaton, meaning it will take less damage from lightning-based weapons and items.

The boss is one of the most unpredictable fights in Steelrising. Some of its attacks are very well-telegraphed, leaving plenty of time for users to avoid them and deal counterattack damage. However, there are also quite a few fast and surprising attacks that the boss can do, which can easily overwhelm users on the first few attempts.

Most of Royal Orpheus' attacks also come with lightning after effects, which can deal tons of damage in a very short time. It also has a ranged lightning beam attack which can easily stagger gamers, leaving them susceptible to damage.

While it will take quite a few retries before they eventually defeat the Royal Orpheus in Steelrising, here are a few items and modules that will no doubt help during the boss fight:

  • Ful resistance module - improves resistance to Ful damage.
  • Ful resistance consumable - in case players are hit with the boss' lighting are-of-effect attacks.
  • Ordinary Oil - gives players passive health restoration, useful for the boss' many of the big and damaging hits.
  • Improved Frost Grenades - freezing the boss can make the fight much easier to manage.
  • Endurance Flux Vial - to maximize attacks without the fear of running out of stamina, should only be used when the boss is frozen.

The Royal Orpheus is a great boss, easily one of the best fights in Steelrising. It's a shame many players would miss out on the boss, given it is an optional encounter hidden behind a side quest.

2) The Alchemist of Luxembourg


The Alchemist of Luxembourg is one of the most unique bosses in Steelrising, partly due to its phenomenal design and ability to harness all three elements in the game. As such, it's resistant to any elemental attack.

It also has swift attacks, which can easily catch users off-guard, dealing quite a significant amount of damage.

The best option against the boss is pure-melee builds and only using the explosive grenades when at range from the boss. The Alchemist of Luxembourg has two phases. The first phase is relatively easy to deal with, given its tendency to use primarily melee-focused attacks mixed with a few elemental abilities.

However, once the automaton enters phase two, it resorts to exclusively using elemental attacks. Here are a few items that players can use to help them during the boss fight:

  • Explosive Grenades - the best grenades for this boss, thanks to their higher resistance stats.
  • Ordinary Oil - useful to regenerate lost health in case players gets hit.
  • Insulation Elixir - for nullifying element debuffs if gamers happen to take lots of damage.
Revisit Paris and its monuments in an epic adventure!From the Jardins du Luxembourg to Bastille, #Steelrising offer a new look at the most iconic places the French capital has to offer.

Apart from the aggressive use of elemental attacks, the boss is fairly easy to deal with if players focus on raw DPS attacks.

1) The Iron Queen


As the game's final boss, the Iron Queen poses quite a challenge and spectacle during Steelrising's finale. It is undoubtedly one of the most challenging bosses in the game, with plenty of special moves, speedy attacks, and surprising special attacks to be wary of.

The boss is one of the most agile enemies in Steelrising, moving across the arena swiftly, making it a challenging target to hit. She also has quick gap closers that can catch users off-guard if they are not alert. The boss is also one of the tankiest enemies in Steelrising, with high physical and elemental resistance.

Here are a few modules and consumables that can help make the fight somewhat tolerable:

  • Armor-focused gear and modules - increase physical resistance and survivability.
  • Improves Explosive Grenades - To deal ranged damage and knock back the boss.
  • Ranged weapons can help immensely, keeping distance from the boss while dealing damage.
  • Endurance Flux Vial - increased endurance, if the boss is staggered, to deal massive amounts of damage without the fear of running out of stamina.
  • Ordinary Oil - to regenerate lost HP.
Aegis’ weapons are an extension of herself in Steelrising ⚔️ Aggressive combat leads to overheating, which players must manage via a cooling system.More combat details on the September 8 release:

Most of the Iron Queen's moveset involves tail swipes, lunge attacks, and a short dash, meant as a gap closer. She also has an elemental burst attack which is quite deadly when faced at close range.

Aggression is the key to winning the fight, and users should not hesitate to use their weapon's special attacks. Stocking up on explosive grenades also helps stagger the boss during the battle.

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