5 most insane xQc GTA RP moments

xQc's most famous and insane GTA RP moments (Images via xQcOW/Twitter)
xQc's most famous and insane GTA RP moments (Images via xQcOW/Twitter)

Felix “xQc'' is known for his First Person Shooter (FPS) experience as he was a former Overwatch professional player. But in the past year or so, the Canadian streamer has dived deep into Grand Theft Auto 5 RolePlay (GTA5 RP) and continues to stream the game for hundreds of thousands of his fans.

Felix was one of the first streamers on the platform to embrace streaming GTA 5 RP and binge play for his fans. He started playing on the NoPixel whitelist server back in 2020 and still continues to stream on a regular basis for his seventy-thousand concurrent viewers.

Here are the top five most insane GTA RP moments caught live on stream

Top five outrageous GTA RP moments from xQc

5) xQc encounters Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077 in GTA RP

Back in 2021, xQc was conducting his regular GTA stream when he randomly hit someone who looked vaguely familiar. A person cosplaying as the ever-famous character of Johnny Silverhand from the game Cyberpunk 2077 appeared right in front of the streamer.

“I think we broke him!”

Shocked to see him, the streamer burst out laughing at how Johnny Silverhand’s roleplayer tried to mimic the bugginess and glitches present in the game.

4) xQc goes to SSB Wrld server

After being banned for a brief period of time on NoPixel, the streamer tried to find other good servers for GTA RP and ended up going to the infamous SSB Wrld. Adin Ross, a fellow Twitch streamer and YouTuber, is one of the founders of this server.

“Hey man.”

The former Overwatch pro was greeted by a few prominent figures on the server after spawning inside the world. The greetings ranged from genuine messages to trolls who just spammed their voices over the streamer.

xQc played for a day on this server and moved swiftly back to NoPixel in no time.

3) xQc's heart rate reaches 150 beats-per-minute whilst robbing a bank

During a heist, the streamer was assigned to loot the cash from a bank and take it all with him. He was accompanied by a fellow roleplayer. A police officer came to the scene and shot the streamer down as he tried to rob the bank.

As the whole scenario played out, the streamer's heart rate jumped to 150 beats-per-minute and hovered around 120. Right before he was shot by a police officer roleplayer, the streamer's heart rate reached 160 for a second and then subsequently went down. The heist was thus unsuccessful.

2) xQc makes a hilarious typo as he tries to post a job in GTA 5 RP

The incident took place in 2021 when the streamer was working as a wage worker for the fast food restaurant chain Burger Shot. Previously, another prominent and well known streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” worked and managed this establishment.

As Felix tried to post a new job in the in-game job portal, he accidentally made a typo before quickly making amends, inputting “New Job.” Fortunately, he instantly noticed the mistake and corrected it.

1) xQc gets banned on NoPixel

This is one of the most famous and viral clips of the streamer, which has been viewed by more than 550k viewers on his channel. As Felix waited in the queue to login, he watched clips and reacted to other roleplayer’s content.

After he finished viewing Kyle’s clip at the police precinct, the Canadian streamer was greeted with a message that notified him of being permanently banned on the NoPixel server.

The reason as per the error message was “Removed Per Staff.” The streamer was visibly shocked and stunned by this ban.

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