“I’m incredibly addicted”: Valkyrae reveals how GTA 5 RP has ‘taken over her life’

Valkyrae and Fuslie discuss how GTA 5 RP has taken over thier lives (Images via Valkyrae and Fuslie/Twitter)
Valkyrae and Fuslie discuss how GTA 5 RP has taken over thier lives (Images via Valkyrae and Fuslie/Twitter)

Earlier today, Rachell "Valkyrae" announced that she would be going live and playing the game Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay (GTA RP) on the most famous white-list-based server, NoPixel.

Valkyrae also mentioned how she is addicted to the game and when she’s not playing the game, she’s busy watching other content creators play the same game. Another Twitch live streamer Leslie “Fuslie,” joined in on the conversation and talked about their GTA RP addiction.

“I’m incredibly addicted😅, see ya in a bit!”
live 2pm pst today!gtav rp / ray mond / no pixelim incredibly addicted😅see ya in a bit!

Valkyrae and Fuslie talk about their fascination about GTA RP

After YouTube star Valkyrae notified her fans and audience about her upcoming GTA RP livestream, Twitch streamer Fuslie commented on her post a couple of hours later, saying that she too is addicted to playing and watching content related to GTA RP.

On February 7, 2022, Fuslie admitted that she was obsessed with GTA RP, and her life was falling apart. In the clip, she mentioned how she planned a trip with her friends and wanted to drop all plans just to play and watch GTA RP.

“Random dirty clothes, theres trash, there’s tissues on the ground. My life is falling apart outside of streaming. And I am like, I dont want to get too.. Uhh.. like I literally… and I will like watch GTA clips until I cant anymore. Until I have to sleep. I wake up and then I like watch GTA clips. I’ll watch other peoples’ GTA, I am so obsessed that I am like, this is not healthy. This can't be healthy. So I am really happy about taking a break and I was literally gonna bail on this trip tomorrow. I was thinking about it and I am planning it! I am like the person planning it! And I was like maybe I don't go.”

The two streamers continue to converse and talk about their experiences. Rae mentioned how she watches other streamers and content creators play GTA RP whenever she’s not streaming.

@fuslie when im not streaming im watching other gta streamers.. it has quite literally taken over my life

Fuslie added in her experience of how she had a dream where she tried to sneak into the barbershop and got killed by her friend Yuno.

@Valkyrae me too rae me too!!! I had a dream I was april waking up in the city trying to quietly sneak to the barbershop but yuno found me and tried to kill me and so I ran and /e passout3'd in a bush and then kept running and snuck into the clean manor somehow

Replying to this, Rae questioned Fuslie confirming if the scenario actually happened.

@fuslie Didn’t this actually happen

Confused, Fulise, in all caps, replied that she does not know what’s real and what’s not anymore.


Fans react to Valkyrae admitting her obsession with GTA 5 RP

Fans on Twitter mentioned how they were looking forward to her upcoming stream. They also advised her about playing some other upcoming games like Elden Ring, which will come on February 25.

@Valkyrae @fuslie Our only hope to restore balance. But I doubt it will work
@Valkyrae @fuslie I... not me doing the same rn....
@Valkyrae @fuslie Hahaha im addict watching @fuslie @Valkyrae RP-ing in GTA!
@Valkyrae @fuslie it’s okay rae when other games are released i’m sure the addiction will calm down a little BUT for now ITS GTA TIMEEEEE
@Valkyrae @fuslie rae i shall recommend buddha if you want another stream to watch he doesn’t every kind of rp in the city every day. helps you understand different things happening in the city instead of only crim stuff
@Valkyrae @fuslie I love that Rae is addicted but the thing is she mad me addicted to watching it too lol
@Valkyrae @fuslie Bruh i used to only watched your streams now i watch every one at cg, cb, maden 😅
@Valkyrae @fuslie dw rae we’re all addicted
@Valkyrae @fuslie Im worried about the Elden Ring streams :( LOL
@Valkyrae @fuslie Don't forget about Elden Ring?
@Valkyrae @fuslie When you’re not streaming I’m watching other gta streamers too! The addiction is real! It’s all gta all the time. ❤️❤️

The YouTube streamer has been live streaming for the past five hours on her main YouTube channel. Without reacting to other content, she jumped directly in-game and moved on to play the game with other notable NoPixel influencers. She was viewed by an average of 25k viewers on her February 16 live stream.

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