5 major indie games that should be ported to Nintendo Switch

These are some of the most renowned indies out there (Images via Xbox/Thekla Inc/Fiji)
These are some of the most renowned indies out there (Images via Xbox/Thekla Inc/Fiji)

At this point, the Nintendo Switch is nothing short of video game heaven. It has had strong developer support pretty much since the start.

There's a vast catalog of third-party titles, from major studios like Ubisoft and Square Enix to small names like Shin'en Multimedia. The indie scene, in particular, has delivered an unwavering output of games.

In fact, fans would be hard-pressed to find a popular indie that isn't on there. However, there are still several iconic titles that haven't made it to the hybrid console.

Here are five renowned indies that should be ported to the Nintendo Switch.

Will these indie games ever make it to Nintendo's current console?

1) The Witness


Puzzle games have their niche when it comes to fandoms, but to blow expectations away even among them is nothing short of impressive. That's what Thekla Inc's 2016 first-person puzzle game does.

The premise is simple: traverse an open island and solve puzzles to ultimately activate light beams that all converge at the highest point in the world. For what purpose? That's a mystery since there is no plot to the game; not an obvious one anyway.

Besides the serene visuals and audio logs, the island is teeming with puzzles that require connecting lines from point A to B. The catch here is that each puzzle is based on one or more cryptic rules that users must figure out.

For example, using the reflection of water, solving a mirroring puzzle, or others requiring a more mathematical or logical approach. Regardless, this one is not for the faint of heart; there are some ridiculously obscure challenges there.

The Witness is available on PC, PS4, XB1, and the Nvidia Shield TV.

2) Psychonauts 2


Almost a dream come true, last year's Psychonaut 2 lived up to critic and fan expectations. It is a sequel to the cult-classic 2005 3D platformer action game Psychonauts. This successor improves upon all that the original was acclaimed for and is an excellent example of old-school design.

Set after the VR-exclusive Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, protagonist Raz finds himself amid another mystery. The Psychonaut's leader Zanatto had been reclaimed after the previous perilous adventure, and the team decides to investigate by entering his mind, as is normal in the world of Psychonauts.

Bent on finding out Zanatto's kidnapper, what he finds out is more sinister: the rise of a forgotten evil, simply known as Maligula.

The gameplay is essentially unchanged, with Raz being able to run and jump across bizarre worlds of the human psyche. There are new abilities to uncover, new enemies to fight, and new gimmicks to partake in, all dipped in the familiar Psychonauts flavor, charm, and humor.

Plus, the visuals are breathtaking, thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

Psychonauts 2, developed by Double Fine and published by Xbox Game Studios, is available on PC, XB1, and XSX|S.

3) Tunic


Nintendo's Legend of Zelda franchise of action-adventure titles has influenced countless developers. They continue to do so today, and solo developer Andrew Shouldice's Tunic proves that.

Released just a month ago, it is a love letter to the Big N's iconic exploration, puzzles, and combat-driven saga.

From the charming visuals to gameplay design, Tunic wears its inspiration on its sleeve. Users control a bipedal fox and explore a mysterious land full of secrets and dangers.

In typical Zelda fashion, there's item-driven progression that drives the basics of Tunic like clockwork. Throughout their journey, gamers will defeat enemies, conquer dungeons with treasures and scratch their heads at several varieties of puzzles.

It's a treat and one that Nintendo fans are bound to love. Tunic is available on PC, XB1, and XSX|S.

4) Pyre


Supergiant Games is no stranger to Nintendo's console. Their latest offering, Hades, saw a lot of hype for the Switch edition.

However, the predecessor is surprisingly missing. Pyre was first released in 2017 as something different from what the studio usually makes. In essence, it is a narrative-driven fantasy adventure with football combat.

It is set in a wasteland home to those exiled or banished. To gain freedom, everyone must compete in scenarios called Rites and win against their opponents.

Players are known as the Reader and band together a team of Exiles to strive for escape. This means they will control drastically different members on a playing field against AI opponents in fast-paced, sports-like combat.

When the side isn't battling, users can traverse around a linear area and scavenge for resources, spend time with the personable members of their group, and upgrade their skills and abilities.

The title was known for its visuals and writing on release, even though the combat may not appeal to everyone.

Pyre is available on PS4 and PC.

5) Nex Machina


Housemarque is a name that's primarily been synonymous with PlayStation due to the studio's history of making rhythm offerings and shoot-em-ups for the brand. So it was a surprise when their 2017 twin-stick shooter Nex Machina was also released on PC.

Players must move from area to area while mowing down hordes of enemies in this game. It spices up the gameplay by throwing in collectibles like humans that need saving or powerups.

The relentless waves of baddies are punishing, and one hit will result in death. It's old-school in every sense of the word besides the modern visuals. Fans of all things fast-paced, challenging, and fun should check it out.

Nex Machina is on PC and PS4.

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