5 major takeaways from the Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom 2022 showcase: Crucio, Dark Arts, and more

The world of the wizarding RPG (Image via WB Games Avalanche)
The world of the wizarding RPG (Image via WB Games Avalanche)

Much to fans' delight, WB Games Avalanche showcased a trailer for Hogwarts Legacy at the Opening Night Live event of Gamescom 2022. Players got a look at one of the Unforgivable Curses, Dark Arts, one of the game's companions, other creatures, and more. Despite being a short clip, it was packed with various pieces of information for players to sink their teeth into.


Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming wizarding RPG set in the world of Potterverse in the 1890s. Players will be stepping into Hogwarts as fresh fifth-year students who will attend classes and hone their magical skills. The world is threatened by dark wizards and a mysterious resurgence of ancient magic.

This article points out 5 major takeaways from the Gamescom 2022 trailer.

5 important points from Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom 2022 trailer

1) The Cruciatus Curse - One of the Unforgivable Curses

Ever since it was reported that the game would have a morality option, Potterheads have been relishing the hope of becoming a dark wizard during their playthrough. In fact, they have been clamoring for some time now to have a trailer showcasing this aspect.

The Cruciatus curse (Image via WB Games Avalanche)
The Cruciatus curse (Image via WB Games Avalanche)

While the gameplay reveal from the March State of Play showcased the protagonist character likely using the Death Curse, the Gamescom 2022 trailer clearly features the characters depicted uttering and casting the Cruciatus Curse. For a majority of the community, it is great to see devs showing the Unforgivable Curses in action.

Furthermore, it will be interesting to see how they play out in-game. It is unlikely that Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to indiscriminately cast them anytime they want, so players will be eager to know what the mechanics and modalities are.

2) Sebastian Sallow

One of the companions in Hogwarts Legacy for the player's character to befriend is Sebastian Sallow. The gameplay reveal had explained that Sallow is a charismatic Slytherin with a family secret. The latest trailer is called Sebastian Sallow's Dark Legacy and predominantly features the young wizard.

Sebastian Sallow (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)
Sebastian Sallow (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)

The description of the trailer mentioned:

"Focusing on one of Hogwarts Legacy’s optional companion quest lines with Sebastian Sallow, the Dark Legacy trailer provides a glimpse at the forbidden curses and difficult dilemmas players will face as they learn more about the Sallow family’s mystery and decide whether to engage with, or even embrace, the dark arts."

Sebastian's characterization shows one who is aware that students need to have a working knowledge of Dark Arts and such spells and curses to survive. In fact, he even tries to make the case that spells that save lives should not be called Unforgivable Curses.

It will be interesting to see the ramifications of Sebastian and the player character's decision to use the Cruciatus curse as fans can see the adult character reacting with anger.

3) Salazar Slytherin and the Dark Arts

Salazar Slytherin, the Dark Arts, and a dark foreboding ambience primarily permeate through the latest trailer. The video starts with the statement that the more the characters know about the first two, the better prepared they will be.

The ominous door (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)
The ominous door (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)

Even though they were cautioned that the headmaster would be notified if they use Dark Magic, Sallow and the player's character still do so. The visuals in the clip convey the same as viewers can see Slytherin, a book with a skull on top, stairs lined with skulls and bones, Inferi, and an animated mummified body.

It is clear from the latest trailer that players will be allowed to explore Dark Magic and the Dark Arts during their exploration of Hogwarts in the game. The player's companion for this path will likely be Sebastian Sallow.

4) Pre-order information and Digital Deluxe Edition

The Gamescom 2022 trailer showcased when players will be able to pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy and what they will receive for it. Players will be able to purchase the product on August 25 at 8:00 am PT and its contents include:

  • Onyx Hippogriff Mount
  • Dark Arts Garrison Hat
  • 72 Hours Early Access
  • Dark Arts Pack that includes Thestral Mount, Dark Arts Cosmetic Set, Dark Arts Battle Arena
Pre-ordering the game (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)
Pre-ordering the game (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)

5) Facial animations

One of the most common complaints from players and Potterheads other than the duration of the trailer has been that it looked unpolished in comparison to other visuals that the developers revealed earlier. For many, the facial animations looked incredibly stiff and was a reason for concern and disappointment.

Poor expressions (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)
Poor expressions (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)

The movement of NPCs being stiff has already been pointed out when earlier videos of Hogwarts Legacy came out. Although the delay that was announced earlier this month left many Potterheads disappointed, it allows WB Games Avalanche to fine-tune and polish the product and look into these criticisms.

Minor elements like facial animations may not affect the entire game as much as gameplay and story can, but they do impact the player's experience and immersion within the title. Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed to 2023 and players will be hoping that such nitty-gritty details are sorted out well before the game's release.

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