Hogwarts Legacy NPCs and companions confirmed so far

The NPCs of Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Sportskeeda)
The NPCs of Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Sportskeeda)

The dedicated State of Play for Hogwarts Legacy brought an end to the drought of information regarding the title that spanned from the reveal trailer back in 2020. The 14-minute PS5 gameplay offered a fresh in-depth look at the wizarding world of the title that players will be dipping their toes in. Hogwarts and the world outside is teeming with excitement, discoveries, and danger - being filled with magical beasts and NPCs.


Although it is a single-player game, Hogwarts Legacy will decidedly allow players to focus on NPCs and companions during their playthrough. Based on the gameplay reveal, players will have the chance to learn various things from these companions once they have formed a bond.

Hogwarts Legacy brings a variety of NPCs for players to interact with

Players are already aware of the various professors that were showcased in the gameplay reveal. They will be quick to recognize the History of Magic Professor Binns in the clip, who also appeared in the original Harry Potter saga. Professor Eleazar Fig will play an integral role in Hogwarts Legacy as he will help the player figure out the mystery behind the resurgence of Ancient Magic and the impending goblin rebellion.

The professors at Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Sportskeeda)
The professors at Hogwarts Legacy (Image via Sportskeeda)

Once players are done customizing their particular wizard or witch and are sorted into their houses, they will get to mingle and interact with students and housemates in their respective house's common room, in classes, and other locations in the castle. The player's character is somewhat of a sensation as they begin their fifth-year at Hogwarts.

The gameplay trailer also focuses on three companions - students who become the player character's friends. They will be accompanying the protagonist at various points in the game once the player has developed a relationship with them. They have their own backstories and motivations that players can slowly figure out.

The wizarding world website describes the three as:

"Natsai Onai is a justice-driven adventurer, Poppy loves magical beasts, and Sebastian Sallow is a charismatic Slytherin with a family secret."

Having these companions will open up various possibilities in the gameplay for players as they will not only teach players the spells and other things but can possibly help out with missions. Companions will also be akin to the trio from the original saga. Another important NPC character is the house-elf Deek, who will help the player learn about the Room of Requirement.

Beyond the walls of Hogwarts, there are unique wizarding hamlets in the countryside that have 'vendors and residents with stories to tell' and missions where they will enlist the player's assistance. These side quests could be a chance for developers to properly flesh out the wizarding experience of Hogwarts Legacy.

The world of Hogwarts Legacy seems to be filled with interesting NPCs that players can interact with. On top of that, companions are an intriguing addition to the game that can have several implications and impact on the playthrough and the title's replayability. Fans will be eagerly waiting for the developers to shed more light on the mechanics of these.

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