5 Marvel and DC superheroes who should get their own game

There are some great Marvel and DC characters who can have video games (Images via BBPhoenix, Disney+, NetEase)
There are some great Marvel and DC characters who can have video games (Images via BBPhoenix, Disney+, NetEase)
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If there needs to be a superhero game, DC and Marvel will be the two cornerstones on which it will be built. Both continue to be leaders in the superhero scene.

In fact, all the major upcoming superhero games in the development process belong to either Marvel or DC.


There has been no shortage of mainstream characters from the two publishing houses on whom superhero games have been made. However, when fans think carefully, there are still so many DC and Marvel characters who could be part of superhero games in the future.

Disclaimer: Standalone games have been considered.

Five DC and Marvel characters who deserve standalone superhero games

5) Gambit


Wolverine will get his own AAA game in the coming days, and that's justified. Gambit has been a character on whom the movies haven't shed much light in the past.

When someone follows the comic, Gambit's trickery becomes quite clear. Be it an excellent background story or extraordinary powers, he can be the perfect character in a superhero game.

This Marvel character was born a mutant, but his origin was quite different from the rest of the X-Nen. The origin of his story and his role in the thieves' guild could be included in the game quite well.

In the comics, Gambit is known to have kinetic control over several elements. In video games, he could quite easily use ranged attacks in the form of his cards and engage in hand-to-hand combat if developers think from that angle.

4) Aquaman


Several members of DC's Justice League deserve their own AAA superhero game. However, Aquaman comes on the list before some due to the world he lives in.

Arthur Curry's ocean world could be an amazing and unique setting for any developer. Games with ocean biomes like Subnautica have been a hit among fans. A vastly-bigger world will excite many members of the gaming community.

It's not just the possible environment that makes Aquaman an enticing prospect. He can excel in hand-to-hand combat, which will make him a perfect candidate for a hero in a melee-focused title. Additionally, his ability to control the oceans and their creatures could strategically add a unique tactic that fans can utilize.

3) The Flash


A video game focussed around the DC speedster won't be an easy task. Superspeed is something that's not the most straightforward mechanic to replicate in a title. The Flash has been on the suffering end of several rumored projects that haven't materialized.

If a game could be appropriately developed, it would consist of many advanced mechanics. The potential game could have a steep learning curve for players.

However, what will make everything quite fun is the lore of The Flash. Several supervillains, including Reverse Flash, are part of the universe. If a game is ever made, fans can hope to see a lot of speed jumps and entertaining combat.

2) Green Lantern


A video game based on DC's Green Lantern will have lots of exciting elements. Due to his moves, anybody who controls the character will get to use a vast collection of moves.

There will also be an element of flying, which could open the avenue for open-world exploration. Additionally, Green Lantern's power is based on creativity, which could be its biggest strength and weakness when it comes to video games.

As far as stories and lore are concerned, there will be no shortage. The developers could focus on his origins or entry into the galactic forces.

A safer approach will be to go with a more streamlined story. As far as supervillains from the DC universe are concerned, there won't be any shortage.

1) Blade


In all honesty, the half-human, half-vampire is considered an anti-hero in many stories. This choice should be surprising for many, as several more mainstream Marvel characters can be a part of superhero games.

However, Blade carries a skill set that will be perfect for adapting to the gaming world. He will perhaps make the bloodiest of video games out of all the five names on this list. There was a trilogy once, but the quality is outdated for today's times.

The character gained a lot of mainstream popularity in the movies where Wesley Snipes depicted the character. Blade will have a thinner package than the other names in the sense of supervillains. Yet, his way of carrying on with his vampire-killing activities will be perfect for video games.

If made, the title will need to have over-the-top gore and violence, which will go well with fans of games like the God of War series. If any developer decides to turn Blade into the game's protagonist, there will be no shortage of inspiration.

Note: The list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer's individual opinion.

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