5 Nintendo Switch games that take full advantage of the system's unique capabilities

These games truly make creative uses of the hardware and its features (Images via Nintendo)
These games truly make creative uses of the hardware and its features (Images via Nintendo)

Innovation has always been the unique selling point for the Japanese company Nintendo. Their approach when it comes to utilizing existing tech for creative purposes has made them one of the most recognized gaming companies in the world. Equally fresh software concepts also accompany these hardware breakthroughs.

The Nintendo Switch also has some of these, granting players access to unprecedented new experiences. These don't just elevate the console's appeal to core gamers but also attract new audiences. Here are five games that utilize the Nintendo Switch's unique functionality for new concepts.

These Nintendo Switch games bring something truly new to the table compared to the competition

1) Ring Fit Adventure


The latest experimental idea from Nintendo is something that had never been done before: a full-fledged fitness-themed RPG. In Ring Fit Adventure, players command an athlete who partners up with a sentient Ring to take down an evil bodybuilder dragon. The gameplay is equally bonkers as players must use peripherals called the Ring Con and Leg Strap accessories for each Joy-Con controller, respectively.

This journey sees players traverse linear worlds and partake in turn-based battles to defeat foes. The gimmick here involves players performing poses and actions physically, which are input to the game via the Joycons. It is not a replacement for a serious workout by any means, but this is the closest a game has gotten yet.

2) Nintendo Labo

The iconic Mario maker combines DIY craft kits with casual and educational gaming with Labo sets. Released in 2018, these kits consist of various cardboard crafts (or Toy-Cons) that can be put together and utilized in conjunction with the accompanying software on the Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Con.

The kit categories include Variety, Vehicle, VR, and Robot. Each includes different games too. For example, the Robot kit allows players to engage in a simple game as a mech that responds to inputs made through the cardboard contraption.


The Toy-Con Garage feature introduces players to basic programming concepts via a node system. This allows them to tweak the Toy-Con functionality as desired, thus creating entirely new Toy-Con projects.

3) Super Mario Party


2018's Super Mario Party was a decent return to form for the long-running party game spin-off of the popular Mario series. It boasts a wide variety of modes and courses for a group of players to enjoy, including minigames. It did face criticism for having a small number of boards on offer, but it still managed to become one of the best-selling titles on the hybrid console so far.

The biggest distinction from other entries is the ability to link up two Switch screens for co-op minigames, akin to a dual-monitor setup on PC. The successor, Mario Party Superstars, improved on the core Mario Party formula but skipped these gimmicks in favor of a traditional experience.

4) Nintendo Switch Sports

The latest in the Wii Sports saga is Nintendo Switch Sports, a brand new rendition of the popular motion-controlled sports phenomenon introduced in 2006. The game launched earlier in March 2022, boasting new visuals and familiar modes. The game offers six sports for players to partake in:

  1. Badminton
  2. Bowling
  3. Tennis
  4. Swordplay
  5. Football
  6. Volleyball

Each mode demands ample Joy-Con wiggles from players, with support for a leg strap in football. The motions may not be as precise as the Wii entry (which was made possible due to the Wii Motion Plus accessory) but manage to hold up decently well. Golf is coming to the game soon, so existing fans can look forward to that in addition to climbing the ranks in the current games.

5) 1-2 Switch


Essentially, a tech demo to demonstrate the feature set of the Joy-Con, 1-2 Switch is a party game released alongside the Switch back in 2017. It features a variety of minigames for up to two players with a Joy-con each. This game utilized the HD Rumble, IR Sensor, Gyroscope, and even audio functions of the small controllers in interesting ways.

However, none of the included experiences were complex enough to hold players' attention for long. Some, like the cowboy shootout, cow milking, and ball count, range from funny to marvelous. However, fans are likely to move on to something more substantial after a few minutes of laughter-fueled fun.

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