5 popular streamers that Pokimane has had beef with in the past

The streamer has had her share of conflicts with fellow creators (Image via Sportskeeda)
The streamer has had her share of conflicts with fellow creators (Image via Sportskeeda)

Pokimane is often affectionately called the 'Queen of Twitch,' given her massive ever-growing fanbase and platform-wide presence. While she may very well be the Queen, it is not all smooth sailing for royalty on Twitch as the streamer is often on the receiving end of controversy from fellow creators.

The omnipresence of the creator means she is always being discussed, which is often the source of these conflicts.

Read on to find out who are the biggest streamers she has tussled with and how that beef turned out.

Biggest streamers who Pokimane has fought with



This 2019 feud with the art streamer started with 39daph unfollowing Poki on Twitter. There seemed to be no obvious reason for daph to do so, which is why it caught the attention of fans, who questioned her about the same. Upon being bombarded with questions, the streamer said:

“I literally had her on mute, so then I was like ‘OK I’m just gonna unfollow. And then she asked me, and I was like ‘I don’t watch your stuff’, and she was like ‘oh, it’s about SlikeR?’ I’m like ‘No, I don’t watch your stuff.”

Pokimane made no official comment about this, but daph has insinuated that she was upset by Poki's reaction to what she considered to be a banal subject.

39daph is an artist turned streamer who mostly hosts Art or Just Chatting streams while occasionally taking up Minecraft. She has just over a million followers on Twitch.

4) Keemstar

It struck a cord with @pokimanelol cus much like @sssniperwolf she can’t pay rent without* donations from virgins.…

Keemstar, a popular Fortnite streamer, tweeted in response to a quoted tweet where one of his fans had uploaded a clip of him making fun of SSSniperWolf for dressing up as Pokimane. In the clip, Keemstar says:

"SSSniperwolf is dressed up as a girl who photoshops her Instagram pictures"

This was a direct shot at Pokimane, who has previously been very indignant about anyone accusing her of editing or airbrushing her pictures, since she is a pro-body positivity advocate.

@KEEMSTAR @sssniperwolf ah resorting to cheap shots for easy twitter likes, a classic grown man’s move. I’ll just end by saying that the fact you deleted your tweets is enough proof that even you think what you did was messed up (or you can’t even stand by your own opinion lol). 👋🏻

While Keemstar is a relatively small streamer in comparison to Pokimane and SSSniperwolf, the drama between fans of both lasted for days, until eventually, the streamer issued an apology.

3) Pokimane vs Leafyishere


Leafyishere, a streamer/YouTuber, uploaded a video where he made the claim that Pokimane is in a committed relationship with a man. Poki has always made it clear that she has boundaries as to her on and off stream life and has only briefly shared her dating experiences twice in almost a decade of streaming.

A popular creator making such a claim posed a big problem for Imane, who had to ward off questions about her personal life for weeks after the video went live.

The Keemstar-Pokimane conflict also has its origin in Leafy's videos as Keemstar first started taking potshots at Poki after the video went live.

2) JiDionPremium

This is one of the more recent controversies that Poki has been a part of. On January, right after the popular streamer returned after a 2-day ban for watching Avatar the Last Airbender live, she saw that her chat was being spammed with the words "L+Ratio." While she initially dismissed this as bot spam, the streamer appeared disgusted when she realized they were actual humans.

These spammers were fans of JiDionPremium, who had been sent to Pokimane's stream to spam the problematic message. This eventually led to JiDion being banned on Twitch for two weeks, after which he issued an apology and both streamers appear to be on good terms now.

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1) Ninja

Pokimane calls out Ninja saying he will never address this situation cause he is scared of the repercussions of standing up to hate raiding and misogyny and it possibly killing his brandDear lordy

After JiDion was given a two-week ban, Ninja publicly said he would talk to Twitch staff to get them to try to reduce the ban period. This did not sit well with Pokimane, who said that the streamer was merely trying to salvage the viewership he shared with JiDion.

The drama between the most followed streamer in the world and the Queen of Twitch went up the scales to a $25,000,000 lawsuit between the two parties. After talk of the lawsuit, Ninja stopped commenting on the matter, prompting Poki to make the following statement:

"Let me tell you exactly why Ninja will no longer talk about this. One: He can't refute anything I said because I've only said things that are factual and that I have proof of. Two: Ninja probably noticed, 'Oh my god! (JiDion's) viewers are the same people that watch me play Fortnite. I can't upset them, I can't stand up against misogyny, that could kill my brand!'"

Poki also accused the former esports athlete of not being supportive of female creators:

"He's afraid of the repercussions for standing up against hate raiding and misogyny, that's the baseline bro! The bar is on the ground and you can't step over it!"

The drama eventually died down when Pokimane and Jidion mended fences and Ninja stopped commenting on the matter.

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