5 popular Twitch streamers YouTube should try to poach

YouTube Gaming offers fixed income alongside chat donations (Image via Sportskeeda)
YouTube Gaming offers fixed income alongside chat donations (Image via Sportskeeda)
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YouTube Gaming has reined in some massive streamers over the past few years by using lucrative deals and offering wider audiences. There are also cases like that of DrDisrespect, who joined YT Gaming after receiving an inexplicable complete ban on Twitch.

With DMCA strikes and frequent faceoffs between Twitch management and creators, the time is ripe for YouTube to swoop in and offer better contracts to many big names on the Amazon-owned platform.

Note: This list reflects the author's views.

Streamers who might take the leap to YouTube Gaming

1) Summit1g

One of the most popular variety streamers on Twitch, summit has often expressed interest in moving to a different platform. The streamer has a dedicated fanbase who will undoubtedly move with him if he chooses to do so.

In an August 2021 stream, the creator actively discussed a shift in his future. While he has not explicitly mentioned YouTube Gaming, the streamer's fans have speculated since the above stream that the GTA RP giant would receive a lucrative offer from YouTube well.

2) Asmongold


In the streaming world, Asmongold enjoys almost royal status alongside Poki and xQc. The main factor behind his inclusion in the list is that the streamer maintains a very active YouTube presence alongside his massive Twitch following.

With just over 3 million followers on his Twitch channel and 1.34 million on AsmongoldTV, his YouTube channel, the American can very well switch platforms without missing a beat.

Another reason behind his inclusion on the list is that he has been in the news after saying he was thinking about quitting Twitch last year. Last month, he also spoke about YouTube's advantages over Twitch on a livestream.

Both factors make him one of the top picks for the former's management looking to expand their audience.

3) Disguised Toast


YouTube star Valkyrae's close associate, Disguised Toast, would be a perfect addition to the YouTube Gaming lineup. The Canadian originally started his content creation journey on YouTube, making Hearthstone videos on the platform. The popularity of these videos eventually pushed him to move to Twitch streaming.

In 2019, the creator also left Twitch in favor of Facebook Gaming for nearly two years, ironically shortly after being nominated for Twitch Streamer of the Year at the Shorty Awards.

Toast is also a member of OfflineTV, so getting him on YouTube could be the start of a chain reaction to pull other insanely popular streamers from the content creation group.

4) Jerma985


Jerma985, the winner of the "League of their Own" award at the Streamer Awards, currently hosts one of Twitch's most popular stream channels. This is because there is a good chance he will be doing something completely different every time viewers join in.

The creator showcases everything from his gaming skills to his ability to do impressions, with even some science experiments thrown in there for good measure.

Historically, YouTube has been shown to be the platform for highly diverse content creators to flourish, given the massive widespread audience that it holds.

Jerma is someone who will become an even bigger star if he were to make the move, and it is only a matter of time before YT Gaming's admins take note of this.

5) xQc


xQc needs no introduction to anyone familiar with Twitch. Felix is currently enveloped in controversy in the entire gambling row. The debate is precisely what might prompt a shift in the streamer's choice of a streaming platform.

With rising pressure on Twitch to make an official change in the platform's policy towards gambling streams, YouTube might present itself as xQc's best choice as such streams are pretty standard there.

Popular gambling creator Trainwreckstv also indicated similar intentions, so it might not be too far-fetched to say that xQc would also consider a shift.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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