Twitch streamer Trainwreck wins over $2.5 million on incredible Premier League bet

Trainwreckstv achieved mainstream popularity during the Among Us boom (Image via Sportskeeda)
Trainwreckstv achieved mainstream popularity during the Among Us boom (Image via Sportskeeda)

Trainwreckstv (referred to as Trainwreck) rarely shies away from sharing figures of his substantial winnings. The streamer continued the trend by revealing his earnings from the bets he placed on various Premier League matches.

The Twitch star had bet nearly $80,000 on three matches and won a spectacular return on the sum when the outcome of all three came in his favor.


How Trainwreck won over $2,500,000 in one go

As one of the most prominent gambling streamers in the community, the 31-year-old is also one figure whose actions are in question as part of the ongoing debate regarding gambling streams. The discussion was sparked after xQc accepted a sponsorship from a gambling website and later revealed the scale of his gambling problem.


Many gambling streamers keep their public profiles to a minimum given the potential backlash, but Trainwreck has chosen to ignore that possibility, given the celebratory nature of his above tweet.

The bets appear quite risky, thus opening the streamer up to even more backlash regarding his gambling. Then again, the Austin, Texas, native also attached a screenshot enclosing all the details of his bets.


In the Everton vs Crystal Palace match, the Toffees (the team he had bet on) were down by two goals in the first half, with the winning goal being scored minutes before the end of the match. The broadcaster's risky bet here has provided him with a handsome return and is being touted by the pro-gambling section of the streaming community.

This segment also argues in his favor by providing a rationale for the other two draw bets he made on the same day.

@Kizaxs @Trainwreckstv i’m ngl that was a good bet because aston villa and burnley looked like a draw and chelsea been wank recently

Readers should note that the results were pretty easy to anticipate in the drawn matches that the streamer bet on. The goals, if any, were scored towards the start of the game with slow defensive second halves in both.

It is also worth noting that the win percentage indicates that these bets were made during the game, taking away from the fact that the content creator is calling these wins calculated risks.

The variety streamer is in the news for various reasons, from a massive win to incidents of him dashing on his viewers when questioned why they were unsuccessful on his recommended platforms.

Fans react to Trainwreck's latest gambling win

As the morality of gambling is the prime ongoing discussion in the streaming community, it was evident that this announcement of a fantastical win would evoke many different reactions from his followers, split between for and against gambling.

@Trainwreckstv Wtf actually impressive hit. Did you see the Everton match?! They were down 0-2 & risking relegation
@Trainwreckstv DO NOT GAMBLE, YOU WILL LOSE!!!
@Trainwreckstv Jesus what a juicer. Huge
@Trainwreckstv Can you ask your crystal ball who wins Champions League?!
@Trainwreckstv Mans do be goin crazy on the tie bets 🔥
@alpa1211 @Trainwreckstv It’s almost like its all credits from the site and complete bullshit
@MikeTheDingus @Trainwreckstv No he just doesn’t show you the 25 that don’t hit, for every one that does
@Trainwreckstv This is so insane literally the goat , some of these bets have to be the biggest sports bets of all time smashing all the in house casino records

Trainwreck can be seen streaming anything between gambling and World of Warcraft on his channel while actively collaborating frequently with various creators. He was the second most-watched streamer during the last Presidential election, after HasanAbi.

He also hosts the Scuffed Podcast to help raise money for various charitable causes.

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