5 most preferred Genshin Impact characters in version 2.5 Spiral Abyss 

Zhongli has become very valued in the Abyss (Image via Instagram/wy_chongyun)
Zhongli has become very valued in the Abyss (Image via Instagram/wy_chongyun)

Genshin Impact 2.5's Spiral Abyss has brought some new characters to the forefront, as the meta has shifted slightly to match the powerful changes to the Abyss. Fans who have been grinding the Spiral Abyss over the last few versions will see some familiar faces, but also some characters who haven't spent much time in the spotlight.

Thanks to the ever-changing nature of the Spiral Abyss, certain characters will always be useful while others will become incredibly valuable over time. Here's what the community is using to take down this rotation's Spiral Abyss.

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Top characters for the Genshin Impact 2.5 Spiral Abyss

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This iteration of the Spiral Abyss has provided Genshin Impact players with a tough challenge, and taking it down will require the right team for the situation.

Luckily, fans can utilize community data to find out the best choices for their Abyss teams thanks to sites that gather info from the best runners in the world. Picking these characters won't guarantee success, but they can make an Abyss run much easier.

5) Raiden Shogun

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As always, the powerful Raiden Shogun has to make an appearance on these lists, as she is an incredible choice for the Spiral Abyss. Her powerful team composition, the Raiden National Team, can easily sweep through any of the game's content thanks to its incredible synergy and strong burst damage. Raiden consistently appears on these lists as she is just that powerful, and players will definitely want to grab her during her upcoming rerun.

4) Sangonomiya Kokomi

I DID IT!! finally 36* the abyss 😭😭

While initially overlooked, Sangonomiya Kokomi has made a name for herself during the last few rotations of the Spiral Abyss. She is an incredible healer, and can keep even the squishiest teams alive as they plow through their enemies.

Fans who find themselves taking a ton of damage will want to utilize Kokomi's healing to keep their hopes alive as they shoot for a 36 star clear. Kokomi will also be featured in a rerun during Genshin Impact 2.5 soon, so players won't want to miss out.

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3) Bennett

It's his day! The king of Spiral Abyss, Mr. Bouken da bouken.#Bennett #PS4share

This iteration of the Spiral Abyss requires players to have some powerful healing, and Bennett provides some of Genshin Impact's best, along with some incredible buffs.

Bennett has been a staple of many of the game's best team compositions since its release, and he doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Players who need some extra damage and survivability on their teams will want to slot a Bennett into their parties.

2) Ayaka/Ganyu

quite a productive day, crowned my cryo babies3 crown: eula & ayaka1 crown: ganyu, zhongli & raidenAbyss: cleared

Both Ayaka and Ganyu maintain their dominance over the Spiral Abyss during this update, as they provide insane amounts of Cryo damage through their powerful Elemental Bursts and Charged Attacks. They can both equally take advantage of the Diona, Mona, and Venti combo teams that provide them with safety, energy, and damage.

Genshin Impact players with either of these powerful 5-stars will want to make sure to use them as their main source of damage during this Abyss rotation.

1) Zhongli

My Albedo finally become the main attacker.Floor 12, full star Spiral Abyss..#GenshinImpact #Albedo #Zhongli #Mona #Bennett #JadeCutter #SpiralAbyss

Thanks to the appearance of the Golden Wolflord during this update's Abyss Rotation, players have needed a powerful Geo character to utilize against the massive beast. Luckily, Zhongli provides everything they need to take him down, and more.

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Zhongli's shields are still the best in the game, granting resistance shred on enemies and preventing insane amounts of damage. His pillar can destroy the Golden Wolflord's shield with ease, and he can keep his team alive through the corrosion effect. Players who have invested into the Geo Archon will want to bring him into the Abyss for an easy win.

Genshin Impact's newest Abyss won't be too tough as long as fans bring the right characters for the job.

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