5 reasons you should pick up WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 is easily the best wrestling game from the WWE in years.
WWE 2K23 is worth investing time and money into (Image via 2K Games)

WWE 2K23 is finally here, and with it comes a wealth of updates and changes to make it more enjoyable than the previous entry. With plenty of game modes to take part in, a vast roster, and tons of customizable options, there’s something for everyone in the latest 2K Sports Entertainment experience.

There's a lot that makes WWE's latest game interesting. Whether you want a full roster of superstars or to create your ideal custom wrestlers, here are some reasons to pick this game up.

What makes WWE 2K23 special?

5) WWE 2K23 offers a more robust GM Mode


One of the best modes in WWE 2K23 is the GM Mode. 2K22 offered a lot, but there is more to this iteration of the management simulation mode. Instead of it only being Raw vs. Smackdown, you can also control NXT 2.0, or even WCW. That’s right, WCW is on offer - and so is Eric Bischoff.

There are plenty of GMs to pick from, each having their own special powers. Each show also has various unique features, such as four-player matches. WWE 2K23’s MyGM mode is one of the best I’ve experienced in a WWE game.

4) MyRise allows players to import their custom characters


MyRise mode is a custom character mode where players make their way to the top in specific storylines. Even ignoring the self-aware storylines written for both the male and female game modes, there’s a lot to like here. When you first create your character for this mode, it’s literally barebones.

However, you can go in-depth after the initial character creation stage. You can even import your custom characters. Instead of having only a few options, you can go into character creation, build your ideal superstar, and bring them into MyRise in WWE 2K23 instead.

3) Customization options are incredibly deep


You can create virtually anything and anyone you want in WWE 2K23. The suite of options for clothing and moves alone is titanic. I’ve already seen some remarkable iterations of real wrestlers that players have cooked up in the first week or so of the game being released.

However, the game also brings back the ability for players to customize their entrances, from the lighting to the visuals on the barricade. Whether you want the black-and-white NWO theme colors, or perhaps the green lighting of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, you can adjust your entrance in many interesting ways.

2) MyUniverse allows players another avenue to play their custom characters


MyRise is neat, but you’re tied to a specific WWE 2K23 storyline. If you want something a little more chaotic, there’s MyUniverse. You can take complete control, such as by picking a character and playing through a series of matches and Premium Live Events as your created superstar.

MyUniverse will occasionally give you the opportunity to shake things up - compete in a tag match or challenge opponents for the title. Within four or five matches, I was the Universal Champion, having bested Roman Reigns in a singles match. You can compete in rivalries and a wide variety of matches as your created character.

1) Gameplay rewards intense, back-and-forth action


Sure, it’s fun to dominate matches like Brock Lesnar has over the years. In WWE 2K23, it’s incredibly satisfying to do so, but if you’re looking to earn a 5-star classic, things need to be performed differently. The game rewards you for having back-and-forth matches. From varied move sets and dangerous last-second kick-outs to memorable moments, these are all factored in.

This can be frustrating for some players, but not all modes require this. MyRise for example, has specific requirements for winning matches. But most matches in the game want you to treat it like a real match. It makes players think a little more about what they’re doing, thereby making it more immersive.

WWE 2K23 is genuinely a great game and offers a lot to new and long-time fans of professional wrestling. John Cena’s 2K Showcase is challenging, and MyUniverse lets players live the life of their created characters by competing in a wide variety of matches. It is available on various consoles. You can read our review here.

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