5 reasons to pull for Venti in Genshin Impact (March 2022)

Venti can be an amazing choice (Image via Genshin Impact)
Venti can be an amazing choice (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact 2.6 looks set to bring the return of the powerful Anemo Archon Venti, and fans won't want to miss out. Venti will be featured in the first half of the update's featured banner rotation when it releases on March 30.

This will give players plenty of time to summon for the amazing 5-star, as he will be available until April 20. Venti remains one of the game's best support characters with an unparalleled ability to crowd control small enemies and remains very useful in many scenarios. Here are a few reasons as to why players will want to wish on Venti in the coming update.

Genshin Impact 2.6: 5 reasons Venti is worth wishing for

Venti wanters will be venti havers! whenever his rerun is,,repost! I needed to fix some details#原神#venti#genshinimpact#genshinimpactfanart

Venti is a 5-star Archer who utilizes the power of the wind to trap his enemies and deal tons of damage. Players can also utilize Venti to help with tons of puzzles and more in the overworld. Venti was Genshin's original featured character, and he has remained an incredible choice to date.

5) Venti's Constellations


Given that Venti has been run several times during Genshin Impact's history, it's likely that gamers have at least one copy of Venti in their inventory. Venti has some amazing constellations that can boost his teammate's damage by a ton, though his first constellation is rather lackluster.

Players with an excess of Primogems may want to give Venti's new rerun a shot to get strong constellations like his C2 or C6.

4) Venti is a great battery

venti's stats had a huge change because of elegy but let's go battery venti!!!(left is harp, right is elegy)

Venti has many ways to generate Energy for his team, including his huge base Energy Recharge that increases with his ascensions. Venti can be a great pick for the team for players who use Anemo as an integral part of their team composition.

He can even provide flat energy values thanks to his Stormeye passive that grants 15 Energy to all teammates who had their Element swirled into his Wind's Grand Ode.

3) Venti can be helpful in exploration

glide, venti, glide, open ur glider, u got ur wind current supporting u.

With Venti's passive skill providing 20% decreased gliding stamina depletion and his incredibly useful Embrace of Winds passive, players with a Venti in their team will find that aerial exploration becomes much easier.

The Embrace of Winds ability allows Venti to create a wind tunnel that can boost players into the air by holding his Elemental Skill. This tunnel lasts for 20 seconds and can allow Travelers to glide through the skies with ease. This can help with puzzles across the game's world, which is incredibly valuable.

2) Venti's incredible crowd control


Since its release, Venti has boasted some of the game's best crowd control, allowing players to take down multiple enemies at once. This ability becomes especially valuable in areas like the Spiral Abyss, where clumping up enemies can make defeating them incredibly easy.

This ability has ensured that Venti remains a useful character nearly two whole years since his release.

1) Venti can enable amazing team compositions


One of Genshin Impact's greatest teams is known as the Morgana team, and Venti is an integral part of its setup. Thanks to Venti's ability to group up enemies, he allows Ganyu's Elemental Burst to deal tons of splash damage consistently.

This team comp has shredded through the Abyss in record times since its discovery and is one of the most useful teams for fans to use. This team may become even stronger with the addition of Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact 2.6.

Considering all these strengths, players should definitely give summoning for Venti a try as he remains one of the game's best choices.

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