5 reasons why Xinyan is the most neglected character in Genshin Impact

Xinyan (Image via Mihoyo)
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact has many characters for players to level up and battle with. Due to this large roster, some characters fall behind. Xinyan hasn't received much official spotlight and is not very popular with the community. This neglect is unfortunate, as Xinyan is a rather strong character and players should give her a second chance. Here's why she is one of the most neglected characters in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact: Why Xinyan is one of the most neglected characters

#1: Her release was underwhelming

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)

Xinyan received very little spotlight when released, not appearing in the story, nor being referenced by any characters when she arrived. This caused a few players to miss and many were unable to test out the new character. Without proper highlighting, characters can fall by the wayside.

#4: No Hangout Event

(Image via Genshin Impact)
(Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's Hangout Events serve to bring some shine to characters who have had lesser impact on the main story. But, there are fun side missions for players to do. Recently, Diona and Noelle have had new Hangout Events announced, but Xinyan has yet to receive one of her own. A Hangout Event would definitely serve to get players acquainted with this character.

#3: Unusual Abilities and Playstyle

(Image via Mihoyo)

As a Pyro character, players may have expected Xinyan to be all about battle, like most of the Pyro characters in Genshin Impact. However, she is more supportive, making her abilities somewhat of a disappointment for some fans. Unfortunately, these fans may have overlooked her strong capabilities and are missing out on a premier character.

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#2: No great weapons or artifacts

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)

Xinyan unfortunately suffers from a lack of proper artifacts or weapons. There is no strong set that performs well for all of her roles. As the game continues however, Xinyan will certainly receive better weapons and artifacts.

#1: Physical damage

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)

As a physical attacker, Xinyan falls off due to a lack of strong artifacts and weapons. Players may also not want to deal with building a character mostly centered around dealing large amounts of physical damage when that character can interfere with the superconduct reaction. Xinyan is definitely a potent physical attacker. and players who are holding out on her due to this may regret not trying this character out.

Mihoyo can definitely improve Xinyan's popularity in Genshin Impact by addressing some of these issues. As a character who has a small but dedicated fanbase, Xinyan deserves more shine from the game.

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