5 streamers who lost it at viewers during a live stream

Image Credits:,,, Pokimane,
Image Credits:,,, Pokimane,
Rishabh B.

Most notable streamers of today generally have a very healthy relationship with their viewers. On the one hand, streamers such as Dr Disrespect have used specific terms to refer to their fan communities, such as the 'Champions Club'. On the other hand, some streamers like Pokimane and Tfue have devout fans who have stayed loyal to the streamers through thick and thin.

However, there have been moments when streamers have been angry with their viewers, leading to rants and regrettable moments that they have later apologized for. In this article, we discuss five such people who have lost it at viewers during a live stream.

Five streamers who lost it at viewers during a live stream


It seems as if Pokimane is somehow related to most of the streamer-related controversies. We have, in the past, talked about the same multiple times. Further, she recently announced a temporary break from social media, but returned to post an apology video for most of the recent incidents.

In the past, however, there have been moments when she was incredibly angry with her 'Simp' fans and told them off for using derogatory terms concerning her. Unlike with some other incidents mentioned henceforth, this rant seemed quite reasonable. You can watch the incident in the video below.


At the beginning of the month, we spoke about InvaderVie and her rather embarrassing rant against her viewers. During the initial days of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, InvaderVie was caught telling her viewers off for not donating and subscribing as much as they used to.

In the incident that you can see below, she says that if her fans do not have even $5 to subscribe to her channel, they shouldn't be wasting their time watching Twitch streams. Further, she called some of her viewers' cheapskates' and 'immature children'.


Unlike other incidents mentioned on this list, Mathew R. Vaughn, better known as Dellor, did not entirely lose his calm because of his viewers. The streamer has in the past, talked about his anger issues, and has been seen breaking equipment multiple times.

One particular incident got him banned from Twitch, something which seemed to affect him profoundly. Regardless, the streamer has since moved on to YouTube, and has more than 681k followers on the platform. You can watch a compilation of his 'rage' clips below.


In an incident remarkably similar to the one concerning InvaderVie, we saw Twitch streamer BadBunny berating her viewers for not donating enough money. However, unlike InvaderVie, BadBunny has been caught scolding her viewers multiple times.

Also, unlike the two female streamers mentioned about, Alinity has not posted any sort of apology for her behavior. The closest she came to doing so was when she said that she was 'joking', as far as the donation-mongering was concerned. You can watch the incident below.


Ninja is one of the most popular Fortnite-related streamers. He is generally chirpy and likes to engage with his fans. However, there have been moments when he has lost his calm due to his viewers. In the incident that you can see below, he gets angry at a viewer who donated $20.

As it turns out, the fan wanted him to play some of his music in return, and Ninja is not impressed. He says that just because the supporter has donated does not mean he will be playing his music, and said that he doesn't conduct business on stream. Further, he called the fan's behavior disrespectful, as you can see below. 

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