5 streamers who did questionable things on livestream

Pokimane and Amouranth (Images via Comic Book)
Pokimane and Amouranth (Images via Comic Book)
Riddhima Pal

Streaming can be considered a somewhat risky profession, since streamers have no room for editing out their errors. As it is obviously not possible to never make errors, streamers unfortunately have to accept that their mistakes will forever be on the internet for everyone to see whenever they want.

Therefore, streamers have to be doubly careful about what they do or say during a livestream. However, it is not always possible, and here are five instances where streamers did extremely questionable things when they were live on stream.

Streamers who did questionable things while live on stream

5) Pokimane - used a racial slur

Pokimane is known as one of the primary voices in the streaming community, speaking about social issues like sexism, harassment and racism. However, she was not always like this, as is clear from a clip from one of her older streams. She could be heard using the N-word.

Other prominent streamers like Ninja have also been seen committing similar offenses in the past, but they have since changed their ways.

4) ItsPinkie - queefing

Although sexual content is supposedly against Twitch's guidelines, many streamers do seem to get away with what many consider sexual content. This includes the two broad categories of Hot-Tub streamers and ASMR streamers. However, one such streamer, ItsPinkie, received the ban hammer from Twitch for showing off one of her peculiar talents. She decided to show her livestream her skill of 'queefing on demand'.

Twitch was quick to remove the video, but as expected, the video has made its way to other platforms too.

3) BadBunny - demanding donations from viewers

BadBunny has a reputation for being the greediest streamer there is. She is one of the most entitled streamers, and has often been seen berating her viewers. She lashed out at her stream when she did not receive subs or donations during one of her livestreams. She openly demanded donations from her viewers. This led many streamers to speak out against this type of behavior, and she received a ban from the Amazon-owned platform multiple times.

2) Amouranth - presenting overly sexual content

Amouranth is one of the pioneers of the Hot-Tub and ASMR metas on Twitch. Her content is considered NSFW and many streamers have questioned how her overly sexual streams have not earned her a permanent ban from Twitch yet. She is notorious for her controversial streams, and has even suggested doing an 'Amouranth bed stream'.

Controversial streamer Amouranth (Image via ESTNN)
Controversial streamer Amouranth (Image via ESTNN)

The streamer has received multiple bans from Twitch already, and it is surprising that she has not received a permaban yet.

1. ZilianOP - caught faking disability

The case of ZilianOP is one of the most interesting ones, as the streamer was caught faking a disability. The apparently wheelchair-bound streamer was seen getting up and walking off while live on stream. This naturally led to huge outrage within the community, accusing him of using disability to gain sympathy and subs.

The streamer later tried to defend his actions, saying that he was indeed wheelchair-bound but he was getting better.

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