5 things you need to know before playing Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 provides exciting gameplay (Image via YouTube/Rubhen925)
Bayonetta 3 provides exciting gameplay (Image via YouTube/Rubhen925)

Bayonetta 3 is the much-anticipated third installment in the highly popular Bayonetta series and succeeds the first two games that were widely praised for their over-the-top action, stylish combat, and badass protagonist.

The third title looks to build on that success with more action, a stylish combat system, and, of course, the return of the beautiful Bayonetta. Here are five things players need to know before playing Bayonetta 3.

What is Bayonetta 3?


Bayonetta 3 is set to be released on October 28 on Nintendo Switch, and players will be seeking all the information they can gather ahead of its launch. For those new to the series, Bayonetta is a 3D action game that features fast-paced, hack-and-slash style combat.

Bayonetta can be challenging at times, and players will need to have their wits as well as their reflexes about them at all times. The third installment of the series is shaping up to be another exciting adventure game. Here is what players need to know about the game.

1. Bayonetta is a fast-paced game

The game is packed with action and leaves little room for boredom. Bayonetta is constantly on the move, fighting hordes of enemies and performing amazing feats. The pace is relentless and the action is non-stop.

Bayonetta 3 should prove to be an exhilarating ride as players use swords, guns and other weapons to make their way through the game.

2. You will need to be precise with button inputs


In Bayonetta 3, combos are very important and you will need to learn how to string them together efficiently in order to progress. The combo system is integral to the entire combat system, so players will need to constantly make sure they are pressing the right buttons and maintaining their combos.

While this makes for some fun and crazy scenarios, players will need to work on their combinations.

When players execute their combos, they will enter a state known as Witch Time. Here, time and enemies slow down, and players will be able to input their combos and hit enemies hard, making for some exciting combat situations.

3. The game is visually stunning

Bayonetta 3 is expected to be visually stunning, with its colorful graphics and fast-paced action. Players will marvel at the fluid action on the screen and the environments they inhabit as they progress through the game.

However, due to the rapid speed of gameplay, players will want to keep an eye out for all the action in order to be effective in combat.

4. The story is exciting


For those new to the series, the story of Bayonetta is very interesting and exciting. Of course, the game will feature the main character, the Umbra Witch, Bayonetta, as she makes her way through the game blasting and defeating demons and enemies who stand in her way.

This time around, Bayonetta must defeat an angry horde of bioweapons called Homonculi. Using her guns, wits, and ability to warp time, Bayonetta will take the fight to Homonculi and defeat them in the only way she can.

5. You will have an absolute blast playing it


Bayonetta 3 is without a doubt going to be an absolute blast for players upon release. For those new to the series, they will still be able to dive right into the game without needing to play the previous titles, though doing so will help them understand the universe of the series.

However, with the amount of fast-paced combat, intense combos, gorgeous graphics, fantastic voice acting, and exciting story, Bayonetta 3 is shaping up to be perhaps the best game in the series yet.

With this in mind, players need to make sure their fingers are all limbered up and ready to go - so they can be ready to bust out some combos and conquer the game.

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