5 things to know before playing Saints Row (2022)

The game will give players a more grounded plot than many of the more recent games (Image via YouTube/Saints Row)
The game will give players a more grounded plot than many of the more recent games (Image via YouTube/Saints Row)
Subrat Mukharjee

The eagerly anticipated Saints Row reboot will be released in a few days, allowing gamers to experience the mayhem that is set to overtake Santo Ileso's streets.

Before embarking on the route to becoming a crime lord, however, there are a few aspects that players should be aware of. Saints Row is set to provide the community with a plot that is more grounded than many recent games, even if it will mostly maintain the same format as its predecessors.

Like GTA, the Saints Row reboot will have a sizable crime-action open world. Although it is returning with new characters and a fresh setting, the focus will still be on the furious, theatrical gameplay.

With this new beginning, a new group of criminals will take centre stage. Players will assist them as they progress from being small-time petty thieves simply trying to get by to the chaos-loving criminal organization known as the Saints.

5 distinct features that make the upcoming Saints Row title a great pick

1) Co-op mode


Saints Row will support a two-player drop-in/drop-out co-op mode at launch. The entire game may be played in two-player co-op mode from beginning to end, with the second player able to enter and exit at any time. Players and their partners will have access to all of Santo Ileso's features, including all of its activities and objectives.

In the two-player co-op mode, the ability to prank each other will also be present. By completing challenges, players can fill the prank meter and turn their buddies into dumb inanimate objects like toilets, trashcans, mailboxes, and other things.

Cross-gen play is available in Saints Row, allowing PS4 and PS5 gamers to join forces with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S players to execute some major crimes.

2) Missions and locations


The Saints' new residence this time around is the fictitious southwestern city of Santo Ileso, which according to the game's creators is the largest Saints Row city so far. Players can explore nine different districts that make up the area.

Another appealing aspect of the game is its open world, which is packed with Saints Row flavor, fresh opponents, and intriguing locations where players can cause chaos.

With 25 main objectives and an additional 10 side missions, The Saints' ascent to power has been traced. From a small gang, they will grow into a massive empire that confronts each of the three competing factions: Los Panteros, The Idles, and Marshall Defence Industries.

3) Customization


Players can create their boss exactly as they want them to look with Saints Row's most recent character customization feature.

Eight pre-made models that serve as starting points can be selected when making a new one. This time, users can use their phones to quickly switch between up to 10 entirely different bosses of various genders and nationalities.

Nearly every aspect of the characters can be customized, including their mismatched facial features, prosthetics, skin tones, body forms, and body ornaments like tattoos and piercings. The character customization tool is undoubtedly the most sophisticated Volition has added to Saints Row, after being seen in motion during the preview.

With more than 80 vehicles with various settings each, vehicle customization is back in full force in this reboot so players may give them the appearance they wish.

Nearly every aspect of the vehicles, including the bodywork, interior color combinations, color schemes, decor, under fluorescent illumination, and more can be customized at JimRob's garage.

4) Perks and abilities


Players will need to be quite picky with because they can switch between their active abilities on the go via their phone and but only four can be enabled at one time. Skills are unlocked through ordinary gameplay and character leveling, and are then deployed while using Flow.

Additionally, perks will be present in the game as well. They are constant improvements that offer the character stat increases and other benefits as soon as they are engaged. Players have access to two active perks in each of the three tiers of perks: Minor, Major, and Elite.

The advantages they provide, which include greater hip-fire efficiency, vehicle boosters, and others, are unlocked by successfully completing in-game challenges.

5) Side missions, rewards, and Criminal Ventures


Discoveries will be an additional feature in Saints Row. They are encounters with minimal payouts that might be helpful for making some money are the beginning of the game.

There are side hustles, which offer a higher payoff at a marginally higher risk. Client jobs will also be present that Kevin, one of the original four Saints members, can perform repeatedly.

A brand-new feature in Saints Row is the War Table, which will be located in the headquarters and give users access to a map of Santo Ileso so they may govern the Saints' expanding empire. Criminal Ventures are companies that serve as fronts for illicit actions, and will give a fresh perspective on open-world operations.


14 unoccupied lots that are scattered throughout the city will be available to players. By constructing Criminal Ventures on them, they will be able to launch new gaming features and start district takeovers.

Players can access particular activities for each business they create. These include activities for automobile customization and the Chop Shop through JimRob's garage, activities for insurance fraud through the Shady Oaks Medical Clinic, and more.

Players who engage in them will receive experience points, money, and exclusive crew improvements for completing Criminal Ventures. They will also help the Saints move closer to completing their district takeover.

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