5 things players can look forward to in the next Cookie Run: Kingdom update

The update's official name is "War Under Shattered Skies" (Image via Sportskeeda)
The update's official name is "War Under Shattered Skies" (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cookie Run: Kingdom developers constantly release fresh content to keep their massive fan base engaged. Since the game's January 2021 launch, over 30 large updates have gone live over the game's first year.

The game celebrates its first anniversary this month, and in celebration of this, the developers have released several redeem codes over the past week and are topping off the week with this big update. Read on to see what will keep all Cookie Run: Kingdom fans busy this weekend.

Why Cookie Run: Kingdom players are excited for Version 2.6


1) New Support Cookie (Eclair Cookie)


Two new Cookies will join the Cookie Run: Kingdom roster, one of which is Eclair Cookie. Despite being a Support Cookie, Eclair has significant damage-dealing capabilities. This continues the meta that started with Cotton Cookie, where Support Cookies are active damage dealers.

Unlike Cotton Cookie, Eclair will not have any healing capabilities but an HP shield and many significant buffs for her team.

2) New Charge Cookie (Tea Knight Cookie)


The other new Cookie who will be joining the game is Tea Knight Cookie. There is chatter in the Cookie Run: Kingdom community that Tea Knight will dethrone Dark Choco as the best Charge Cookie.

It is known to deal CRIT damage and will pack several buffs for his team along with an impressive damage rating (CRIT and otherwise).

3) New Game Mode (Cookie Alliance)


Cookie Alliance is a new addition to the Cookie Run: Kingdom's PvE side. The theme of this new season is the Cookies are fighting for the fate of Earthbread, and the Cookie Alliance game mode is how this storyline is incorporated into gameplay.

Players will form five full teams, each with different Cookies, meaning that players need to have atleast 25 Cookies unlocked to have a Cookie Alliance match. Players will face off against waves of enemies and the objective is to survive as long as possible while fending off waves of enemies.

Each wave will grant rewards for players surviving the 4-week active game mode. It is not clear if the game mode will be available after the 4 weeks.

4) Buffs to Cream Puff Cookie


Continuing the push to change the narrative around Support Cookies, Cream Puff Cookie, another Support, will be receiving a significant buff.

She was already a force to be reckoned with in both PvP and PvE with one of the highest damage ratings in the game, more than some Charge and Bomber Cookies, along with healing capabilities.

This buff seems to be aimed more at popularizing her as despite the massive stats she has not been seen in any significant way in the current Cookie Run: Kingdom meta. The detailed numbers on the buff are attached:

  • Regular ATK: +21.92%
  • Skill cooldown: 18 sec โ†’ 16 sec
  • Skill DMG percentage: 482.71% โ†’ 517.6% (at skill Lv.60)
  • Skill Healing percentage: 78.03% โ†’ 114.1% (at skill Lv.60)

5) Additions to Guild Battle


Guild Battle has been one of the most popular game modes in Cookie Run: Kingdom ever since it was first released. Many fans have demanded that Guild Battle be revamped as it has remained largely unchanged since its release.

The developers have given in and will be releasing several updates to the Guild Battle experience. This includes the addition of a Guild Domain, Guild Museum, and a Guild Hall. This will mostly act as trade hubs to obtain materials specific to Guild Battle-related upgrades to Cookies.

Players should keep checking this space to stay informed about this new Cookie Run: Kingdom update.

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