5 times Kai Cenat did questionable things on live stream

Kai Cenat questionable behaviour (Image - Instagram)
Kai Cenat questionable behaviour (Image - Instagram)

After quickly rising through the ranks of YouTube thanks to his comedic content, Kai Cenat has taken the Twitch world unprecedentedly. After two years of actively streaming, he became the first to have over 100K active subscribers. Kai also won the 2022 Streamer of the Year Award and currently boasts over 4.4 million followers on his Twitch and 3.44 million subscribers on YouTube.

With his entertaining personality, comedic timing, and charisma, Kai Cenat has experienced a meteoric rise to become the most-watched content creator on Amazon's coveted streaming platform in the last 90 days. Like any streamer in the past who has experienced even a fraction of such popularity, the young creator isn't exempt from scrutiny, be it via social media or Twitch's notorious ban hammer.

Exploring Kai Cenat's questionable on-air antics

1) Fireworks in the living room

During a live stream in November last year, the 21-year-old took to lighting fireworks inside his house again, despite having been heavily scrutinized for his past indoor fireworks battle.

Following multiple failed attempts, Kai Cenat decided to improvise by placing a firecracker inside a pumpkin. After lighting the Feu d'Artifice, the Twitch star ran back screaming, immediately shutting the door behind him. Moments later, the pumpkin was engulfed in flames and filled the room with smoke before violently exploding, knocking the camera off.

2) Showering on stream

When Kai Cenat announced his subathon—Mafiathon—would run through the entirety of the month of February, nobody expected the first day to feature the YouTuber taking a shower while on stream. This is not the first time the most subbed Twitch streamer has showered in front of the world.

While many fans were left equally speechless and amused, the moment helped Kai earn over 100,000 concurrent viewers.

3) Caught in the crossfire

Although this instance does not feature anything questionable directly from Kai Cenat, during the 11th day of his 24-hour subathon, the Twitch superstar rang up a friend who dropped a homophobic slur unprompted.

Given Kai Cenat's past Twitch bans for using hateful speech, the community was enraged to see his close acquaintance using inappropriate phrases in casual conversation with Kai, with the most notable tagline for the whole drama being "W community taken another L."

4) Kai accidentally leaks female gamer's personal information

While playing Valorant during an October 2022 live stream, the young content creator was the target of a female teammate's toxicity with racist comments and slurs. In a 19-second-long clip and the only remaining essence of the now-deleted VOD, Kai can be seen talking to the girl on Discord after the end of the game, only to realize he had accidentally leaked her information to his viewers.

Following a text-to-speech note with a donation, a viewer brought it to the Twitch star's notice that he had leaked her information, which led some viewers from Kai's chat to harass the woman on social media.

5) Stoned on stream


Kai Cenat's most recent ban on Twitch was handed to him on January 27, 2023, following a truly questionable moment on stream. Days before his much-anticipated subathon, Twitch banned the popular streamer without providing context. This led to several viewers speculating what would have caused Twitch to ban their number one content creator in recent times, with fans finally concluding the might have been caused due to Kai ingesting edibles before streaming.

Marijuana usage is not outrightly banned on Twitch, and a violation of its ToS is decided by whether the drug is being used harmfully or if it is the primary focus of the stream.

The 21-year-old was shortly unbanned by Twitch for the fourth time after becoming a partnered streamer just in time for Mafiathon.