500-year-old Mera Wine in Lost Ark: What is it used for and how to obtain it

Finding the 500-year old Mera Wine in Lost Ark (Image via Lost Ark)
Finding the 500-year old Mera Wine in Lost Ark (Image via Lost Ark)
Abhishek Mallick

Scavenging for valuable resources and upgrade materials is part and parcel of Smilegate’s MMORPG Lost Ark. While Mokoko Seeds are one of the most sought-after resources in the game, there is another item that players have been looking for quite a lot, and that is the 500-year-old Mera Wine.

While not extremely difficult to acquire, players often overlook this item as they are usually tucked away in a secluded area of the Aquilok’s Head dungeon. So if a player is just rushing through and not looking around much, then there is a high chance that they will miss out on collecting the item.

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The 500-year old Mera Wine is one of the cooking items that adventurers will require to 100 per cent their Adventurer's Tome for Rethramis. And just by hovering the cursor on top of the item, it will show the hint on where to find it.

While the item is present in Aquilok’s Head dungeon, it is tucked away in a secluded place, and players will need to search a bit to find it. Hopefully, today’s guide will help those who are still having trouble with collecting the 500-year old Mera Wine in Lost Ark.

Finding the 500-year old Mera Wine in Lost Ark

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Players who have missed out on the item and are looking to acquire one will need to go back to the Border Watch in Rethramis and make their way into the Aquilok’s Head dungeon.

After speaking to the guard there, adventurers will need to break down a wagon standing in their way. Upon doing so, a mob of enemies will spawn, which they must defeat.

After taking out the enemies, players will spot a level in an alcove to the left, interacting with which will drop a boulder, opening up the path to a new area to explore.

Image via Pro Game Guides
Image via Pro Game Guides

After dropping down to the new area, there will be a few Thornwalkers blocking the way, whom players will need to defeat to proceed. They will soon come across an interactable object on the floor, which will be present near a torch, and on interacting with it, players will automatically gain a 499-year-old Mera Wine.

Adventurers can further explore the area to get their hands on two Mokoko Seeds.

How to age 499-year-old Mera Wine

Image via Pro Game Guides
Image via Pro Game Guides

Now, players will not instantly get their hands on the 500-year-old Mera Wine, but instead, get a 499-year-old one. Hence, to turn the 499 into 500, they will be required to age the item.

There is no special method required to age the wine, and as the item description states, “be patient and wait for a little while” all one needs to do is wait for 2 hours of real-time, and it will automatically turn into 500-year-old Mera Wine.


If players accidentally use the 499-year-old one, then Lost Ark will pop up a note from the Gourmand, stating that they were pretty close to 100% the tome but blew their chance.

Fortunately, all is not lost, and adventurers can again return to Aquilok’s Head and redo the steps mentioned above to get their hands on another 499-year-old Mera Wine.

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