7 best ways to earn Chrono Crystals in Dragon Ball Legends (2022)

Chrono Crystals in Dragon Ball Legends (Image via Sportskeeda)
Chrono Crystals in Dragon Ball Legends (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball Legends is a graphically gorgeous fighting game with 3D combat meant to captivate fans and players alike. Legends, which features your favorite characters, offers a substantial story mode as well as a PvP game option where you may engage in real-time combat with other players. You can assemble your own fighting squad by summoning characters.

The game's simple controls and distinctive card action system promise excitement and allow players to showcase the brutal fighting skills of their favorite characters. There are numerous rewards throughout the game, including Chrono Crystals, characters, and more.

Chrono Crystals are crucial in unlocking new characters and other rewards. This article will explore various ways to earn Chrono Crystals in Dragon Ball Legends.

Earn Chrono Crystals in Dragon Ball Legends

1) Login bonus

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Players who check in for seven days will receive a total of 1000 as part of the beginner login incentive. Don't forget to open Dragon Ball Legends every day for the next seven days if you just installed it to receive your Chrono Crystal rewards.

Players can now gather Chrono Crystals with the daily bonus in addition to the starter bonus. From the daily bonus prize, players can also gain characters, gear, unique awards, magic items, and more.

2) Maintenance rewards


The "Presents" section is where you can get rewards for catching bugs and taking care of regular maintenance. You'll probably get a lot of Chrono Crystals as compensation for delays caused by errors, bugs, or maintenance. Prior to the expiration date, which is 30 days after the date of the gift receipt, claim them.

3) Missions


Upon completing the beginning of the mission, players will receive various Chrono Crystals. Missions are just certain activities that you must perform in order to receive rewards like crystals, rising souls, and tickets for players leveling up. These missions include wearing protective gear, finishing a specific section of a chapter, entering a new tier, and more.

4) Chapter bonus


After finishing the chapters of the Dragon Ball Legends tale, you can get Chrono Crystals. As "first-time rewards," try to finish a chapter on your first attempt to earn more Chrono Crystals. There will be at least ten crystals given to each player. You will also receive other awesome rewards, like souls. They are also first-time awards for completing story-based tasks and events.

5) PvP matches


PvP matches, called rating matches, let you compete against other players of the same rank. Click "PvP" on the game home screen, then click "Rating Match." To raise your rankings, keep taking part in rating contests.

When players rank up in Dragon Ball Legends, they get Chrono Crystals as a "First Rank Up" bonus. You will receive this as a reward when you first reach a certain rank.

6) Accomplish challenges

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Additionally, upon completing specific fight challenges in Dragon Ball Legends, players will receive Chrono Crystals. A list of obstacles is available beneath the chapter's specifics. Under the "Main Story," select "Newest Chapter," and then select the "Challenge" tab. Upon completing the task, players will receive three crystals.

The number of additional crystals you receive depends on how many challenges you complete. After the battle, a list of accomplished tasks with the notation "Acquired" is shown on the screen.

7) Pre-registration reward


Players can receive unique rewards like boosts, resources, and Chrono Crystals by claiming pre-registration rewards as soon as they install Dragon Ball Legends. To redeem all the pre-registration prizes, tap the gift icon in the top-right corner of the home screen.

The pre-registration gifts that gamers receive might easily total up to 450 Chrono Crystals. Since the incentives are only valid for a week starting from the in-game registration, players should use them before they expire.

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