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Activision adds the fan-favorite Warfare mode in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Image via Activision
Image via Activision
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 12 Feb 2021

Activision has brought back a fan-favorite game mode in COD Mobile Battle Royale. Warfare was first introduced in 2020, and it became insanely popular with hardcore BR gamers.

COD Mobile Season 1 has introduced players to numerous new concepts in-game. Besides innovative game modes like Blitz, Activision has revamped the entire game to satisfy the community.

Not only Battle Royale, but multiplayer modes are also getting quality of life upgrades. New game modes, like 3v3 Gunfight, Hardcore Hold, Spawn Trap, and Grind Baby Grind, were added to the multiplayer playlist.

While these inclusions are highly appreciated by the community, players need to know exactly how to play these game modes in order to survive.

The focus here will be to give players a comprehensive idea of the latest Warfare mode in COD Mobile Battle Royale.

Activision adds the fan-favorite Warfare in COD Mobile battle royale


Unlike the traditional Battle Royale setup, Warfare features a different set of rules for COD Mobile. The zone is much smaller than usual and players are divided into two teams.

There are 40 players on the plane, equally divided to form the blue team and the red team. These two teams have particular locations allotted to them on the Isolated map.


COD Mobile gamers can employ two different strategies while dropping down. They can either choose to drop near their teammates and loot safely, or they can drop behind enemy lines to loot quickly and kill opponents.

Since there are unlimited respawns, players should target dropping in the opponent's zone. This will give the team an advantage with the scoreline, as players can get numerous eliminations right after dropping down.


Simultaneously, there is a scoring system in Warfare that fetches players one point for each elimination. Taking down entire squads will naturally improve the scoreline exponentially. The team which scores 150 points first, wins the game.

However, the best feature of Warfare is that players respawn with the weapons they had at the time of their death. This means that if a player has his/her custom loadout, then they will respawn with the same weapon and full ammo. This feature makes the Warfare mode in COD Mobile quite intriguing.

Equipment and vehicles are also highly sought after in Warfare. Teams traveling to the opponents' area in an ORV or a Chopper will definitely have the upper hand in the fight.


Similarly, using tactical pieces of equipment like Flashbang Grenades, Nova Gas, Cluster Grenades are extremely effective while taking down entire squads.

COD Mobile gamers can try out both the FPP and the TPP versions of the game mode to get a better understanding.

In all fairness, Activision is doing their best to revamp the entire Battle Royale game mode in COD Mobile. Warfare will stay in the BR playlist till February 18th, 2021.

Published 12 Feb 2021, 21:51 IST
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