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Best weapons to use in COD Mobile Season 1

Image via Activision
Image via Activision
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 10 Feb 2021

The new season of COD Mobile has revamped the weapons meta in multiplayer and battle royale mode. Players are finding it difficult to cope with the ever-changing weapons dynamics in-game.

Activision introduced two new guns at the start of the new season in COD Mobile. The buffs and nerfs added to other weapons have changed their effectiveness throughout.

These changes have facilitated a new meta where new weapons like FR.556 and SKS are not frequently used.

Some of these weapons have been redesigned to change their entire class in COD Mobile. All these major changes have left the community puzzled about weapon choices.

The best weapons to use in COD Mobile Season 1 battle royale and multiplayer


The focus here will be to highlight five weapons that are exceptionally accurate and consistent in COD Mobile Season 1.

#1 - AK-47

The AK-47 is, perhaps, the most consistent weapon in COD Mobile. Despite numerous nerfs and buffs, this weapon has been battle-tested and outshines every other Assault Rifle in its class.

The AK-47 comes with a magazine variant, which increases the fire rate while decreasing the damage. This attachment has become increasingly popular with COD Mobile gamers.


Simultaneously, players have reported that the AK-47 is one of the few ARs that has the potential to kill enemies with only three bullets. Only the DR-H is effective enough to stand against AK's dominance in COD Mobile.

#2 - DR-H

The DR-H is a fully automatic Assault Rifle that is second only to the AK-47. DR-H's specialty is that players can unlock a high-damage ammo magazine, which improves the weapon's class.

The 30 Round OTM Mag increases the damage to 67 while compensating the player's mobility. This attachment combination is quite effective in battle royale. For multiplayer mode, players can switch to the 25 Round OTM Mag for higher mobility.


Besides the magazine, the DR-H also has a higher fire rate than the AK-47. This makes it lethal at close range while compromising on long-range fights.

The DR-H was recently nerfed by Activision in COD Mobile Season 1. The reload speed was significantly reduced to make it much more optimized.

#3 - Man-O-War

The Man-O-War is another meta-defining Assault Rifle that has great precision and impeccable range. Activision recently added a massive buff to the weapon, which changed its effectiveness.

Activision increased the aim-down-sight speed as well as the ammo capacity for the Man-O-War. Despite its low fire rate, these new changes have transformed the weapon.


The Man-O-War is most effective in mid-to-long range fights in COD Mobile. Players can use this weapon in BR and multiplayer mode, but it's best to create a custom loadout first.

#4 - GKS

The GKS is the only SMG that was buffed in COD Mobile Season 1. Activision redesigned the weapon's class by improving certain aspects that were missing in previous seasons.

The reload speed of the GKS was significantly improved in the latest season. Simultaneously, the RTC Stock received a slight buff, which increased horizontal recoil control of the weapon.


The GKS is currently one of the strongest SMGs in COD Mobile. This weapon is meant for close-range encounters but is quite effective even at mid-range.

#5 - Locus

The Locus is undoubtedly the best Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile Season 1. Although Activision did not adjust the weapon this season, it still rose to the top of the snipers' meta in Season 1.

The Locus is exceedingly accurate in both BR and multiplayer mode in COD Mobile. The low recoil allows the player to stay focused on the opponent without re-aiming the crosshairs.

When compared to the Arctic.50 or the DL-Q33, the Locus has better accuracy and higher mobility. Players can camp certain chokepoints on multiplayer maps with the Locus as it is highly effective for quick-scopes.

Published 10 Feb 2021, 00:05 IST
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