How to win strategically in COD Mobile new BR Blitz mode

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Image via Sportskeeda
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 31 Jan 2021

Activision has added a new game mode to COD Mobile named BR Blitz, and it is rapidly becoming a favorite among fans and players. This was a much-needed addition to the battle royale mode in the new season of COD Mobile.

Unlike the regular battle royale mode, Blitz features a shorter round with high-tier weapons. Activision has kept the same Isolated map, but only a particular portion is available during the Blitz mode. 

Players need to be very strategic to win matches in the high-octane fast-paced Blitz BR mode in COD Mobile. Due to the smaller zone, gamers can take advantage of certain dynamics like camping, drop-sniping, chopper-hunting. 

There are numerous complex tips and tricks that players can follow to emerge victorious in this game mode.

How to get strategic victories in COD Mobile Blitz BR mode

Only 40 players are allowed to play in each Blitz lobby in COD Mobile. It is only available in third-person-perspective. The game mode is meant for squads, but players can always go solo to up the ante.

The Blitz mode will stay for a week, after which it might be permanently added in the BR section, depending on its popularity. This is a genuine attempt by Activision to reinvigorate the battle royale mode in Season 1 of COD Mobile.

In COD Mobile's Blitz mode, players have to pick their fight as engaging cluelessly will make them easy targets.

#1 - Mobility based strategy

Since the zone is small, players will need a comprehensive knowledge of the Isolated map. If the zone is situated in locations like Frigid Wetland, Dormitory, Ski Town, it is best to travel with a snowboard. 

The terrain in these areas allows players to move quickly with snowboards. It is integral for escaping fights in this game mode. While using the snowboard, gamers should try jumping more often, as it confuses enemies.

Rotations in the Blitz mode should effectively be from cover-to-cover. Usually, squads like to camp at high-altitude areas of the map, making players particularly vulnerable to snipers. A player's movement must always account for covering areas where squads would likely camp.

#2 - Zone-based camping strategy

The zone moves much more swiftly in Blitz than it does in the normal battle royale mode. This facilitates the camping dynamic. Players need to predict the zone movement to camp at the proper spots. 

Players looking to follow this strategy should use Trap Master and Smoke Bomber to lure enemies. With a little bit of luck, COD Mobile gamers should get an insane amount of kills in Blitz mode just by camping. 

Zone-based camping is effective if the entire squad has good positioning and active communication. Players should also target areas that have golden loot, as this attracts random squads for easy eliminations. 

#3 - Loot-based strategy

This is undoubtedly the most effective strategy in COD Mobile Blitz BR. Most of the loot pool in this game mode often spawns epic and legendary weapons. Concurrently, the high-tier areas are always going to be full of players. 

The strategy here is aggressive rushing combined with map knowledge. COD Mobile players can go on a rampage if they know what areas to target. Drop-sniping is one of the effective dynamics in this strategy.

Squads will be naturally attracted to all the loadout drops for better weapons and adrenaline shots. In COD Blitz mode, loadout drops fall quite close to each other. This makes it an easy target for snipers. 

Players should focus on moving to high ground before sniping enemies at drops. Simultaneously, shooting from an area that has ample cover will give them the advantage during long-ranged fights.

The Blitz mode is designed for COD Mobile gamers to have a fast-paced experience of the battle royale game. These three strategies can be regulated to win every round in the limited-time game mode in COD Mobile.

Published 31 Jan 2021
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