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Activision introduces the Sweet Valentine Crate and Valentine Redux Draw in COD Mobile

 (Image via COD Mobile)
(Image via COD Mobile)
Dipanjan Dey
Modified 12 Feb 2021

Just like every other gaming company, Activision has developed a cosmetic line to celebrate Valentine's day in COD Mobile. Following up with the previous set of anime cosmetics, a new bundle and a lucky draw has been introduced in COD Mobile.

The Sweet Valentine Crate has introduced the Knockout cosmetic series in COD Mobile. It consists of 25 different cosmetic items, including Epic vehicle skins, gun skins, equipment skins, and other items.

Simultaneously, the Valentine Redux Draw has introduced the Phobos series in COD Mobile. The lucky draw has 10 cosmetic items, out of which only two legendary variants are obtainable.

Activision introduces a unique line of cosmetics to celebrate Valentine's Day in COD Mobile

These two new cosmetic sets are specially issued for Valentine's day. Fans and players are rushing to the COD Mobile store to purchase them.

COD Mobile Season 1 has been quite eventful when it comes to in-game cosmetics. Numerous new concepts have been introduced since the start of the season. This reflects the directional change Activision has planned for the title.


The pricing of these cosmetic items is also considerably lower than previous bundles or lucky draws.

Sweet Valentine Crate

The Sweet Valentine Crate in COD Mobile (Image via COD Mobile)
The Sweet Valentine Crate in COD Mobile (Image via COD Mobile)

The Sweet Valentine Crate has seven Epic cosmetic items that players can purchase directly from the COD Mobile store. The crate only features Epic cosmetics for vehicles. Anime fans will be pleased with this latest inclusion.

Each crate in the Sweet Valentine cosmetic line costs 20 CP, and players can purchase up to seven crates for 270 CP.

The Epic items present in the Sweet Valentine Crate are as follows:

  • Tank - Knockout
  • Helicopter - Knockout
  • ORV - Knockout
  • Boat - Knockout
  • Motorcycle - Knockout
  • Spray - Mecha
  • Calling Card - Anime Enthusiasts.

The Calling Card is highly sought after as it features anime characters. This was a brilliant move from Activision to satisfy its community with Valentine's day themed cosmetics.

Valentine's Redux Draw

The Valentine
The Valentine's Redux Draw in COD Mobile (Image via COD Mobile)

The Valentine's Redux Draw features ten items, just like any other lucky draw. Unlike Crates, lucky draws are much more reliant as all the items can be acquired.

Simultaneously, lucky draws do not repeat the same cosmetics if the player already gets it in the previous round. This is one of the primary reasons why COD Mobile gamers choose lucky draws over crates.


The items present in the Valentine Redux Draw are as follows:

  • Baseball Bat - Phobos
  • Trip Mine - Phobos
  • ICR-1 - Phobos
  • M16 - Valentine
  • Motorcycle - Phobos
  • Backpack - Phobos
  • Battery - Half Pipe Valentine
  • Heart Spike - Legendary Charm
  • Heartbreaker - Legendary Calling Card
  • S36 - Phobos (Legendary)

The first seven items on the list are Epic cosmetic variants of the Phobos series. However, the highlight of this lucky draw is the reactive camo that comes with most of these items.

Activision has introduced the concept of reactive camo in previous draws and crates, and it has become quite popular with COD Mobile gamers. Hopefully, players will be able to purchase both of these cosmetic lines before they are rotated in the COD Mobile store.

Published 12 Feb 2021, 16:28 IST
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