Adept, Miyoung, Corpse Husband, and others wish Sykkuno for his birthday

Streamers and fans from all over Twitter came together to wish Sykkuno a happy birthday (Image via Sportskeeda)
Streamers and fans from all over Twitter came together to wish Sykkuno a happy birthday (Image via Sportskeeda)

Sykkuno is celebrating his birthday today, and after posting an emoji with a party hat and party favor, fans and other content creators from around the world came together to wish the streamer a happy birthday. The streamer recently made waves when he made the shift over to YouTube Gaming after his Twitch contract expired.

Even though the streamer only began his career in 2019, he's made a massive impact on the streaming community, garnering an impressive 2.82 million subscribers on YouTube, with all his YouTube videos boasting a total of 323 million views.

The YouTuber recently returned to Las Vegas, Nevada, leaving the home of fellow streamer Valkyrae whom he was staying with temporarily. Though he’s rather far away from most of his friends in California, it’s clear that the streamer is well-loved, as the streamer received nearly 1900 tweets in response to his birthday tweet.

Streamers and fans come together to celebrate Sykkuno’s birthday

Sykkuno’s friends in the world of content creation were quick to wish the the streamer well after his early-morning birthday tweet. Corpse Husband, in particular, came out and wished the streamer a happy birthday, as did his other friends like Adept and Jack Septiceye.

Miyoung made a separate tweet, where she shared two photos of herself with the YouTuber, also wishing him a very happy birthday. She later wished him once again during a stream, as was captured by a Twitter user below.

Artists all over Twitter also shared their 'Happy Birthday Sykkuno' artwork, some just of the streamer while others also featured some of his friends and Lil Cat.

Several other partnered streamers wished the streamer a Happy BIrthday, such as Masayoshi, Peter Park, Triciaisabirdy, and Leena Xu.

Fans and friends from all corners of the internet came to celebrate their favorite streamer’s big day, offering their good wishes and support. Another fan wished the streamer could be surrounded by his friends for his important day, but he, unfortunately, had to return home.

A comical tweet harkened back to last year, when someone accidentally made the streamer’s birthday trend on Twitter before his actual birthday.

Who is Sykkuno? A brief look at the YouTuber

Interestingly, the YouTuber began creating content based on League of Legends back in 2011, but his career really took off in 2019. LilyPichu convinced him to stream on a regular basis, and he quickly gained popularity, thanks to the Among Us craze at the time. He primarily streamed on Twitch, later ending his career with the purple platform on April 30, 2022 to switch to YouTube.

There’s no question that he is a popular, well-loved streamer, whether he’s on Twitch or YouTube Gaming. With over 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube, his following is massive, and thousands of people came out to talk about how much they appreciate the work that he does on YouTube, and did previously on Twitch.

Fan art, well wishes, and happy birthday tweets filled the social media website almost as soon as he made his initial tweet. The community currently has no idea what the streamer will do to celebrate, but his birthday is at least trending on Twitter.

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