AdmiralBulldog calls Pokimane selfish, shades streamers like Disguised Toast for 'pushing boundaries' by watching copyrighted media

AdmiralBulldog calls Pokimane selfish after her Twitch ban (Image via Twitter)
AdmiralBulldog calls Pokimane selfish after her Twitch ban (Image via Twitter)
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Henrik "AdmiralBulldog" Ahnberg had some harsh words for Imane "Pokimane" Anys and other streamers who watched, and continue to watch, copyrighted content on Twitch.

During a recent livestream, AdmiralBulldog was "Just Chatting" with his viewers, when someone asked him to share his thoughts regarding Pokimane's recent ban on Twitch.

In reply to the question, the streamer did not hold back and had some really strong opinions to share. He mentioned that he thought she and other streamers watching licensed media on Twitch were being selfish.

AdmiralBulldog calls out Pokimane after her ban from Twitch, Redditors retaliate

Swedish streamer AdmiralBulldog had some really choice words for Pokimane after her recent ban from Twitch. The now deleted clip, which can be viewed here, is available on the LivestreamFails website and shows the streamer being asked about his thoughts on Pokimane's ban.

He made it clear in his answer to the prompt that he wasn't a huge fan of people watching copyrighted material on the platform.

He slammed a number of streamers for continuing to push boundaries as he felt this might affect many other content creators on Twitch. In reply to a question from the viewer, he said:

"I think she is a r*tard. She is ruining for everyone else and doesn't think about anyone but herself."

However, he wasn't done with his thoughts on the matter. He called out other streamers who have been reacting to or watching licensed content on Twitch as well. He did not name any other names, however, it seems he was referring to Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang who has been watching a number of animes on his livestream when he said:

"Anyone who is pushing the boundaries on watching copyrighted content, like the... the unbelievably dumb people. It's like I'm going to watch Naruto on stream or Avatar or whatever they're watching."

Finally, he touched on the note of how this could become a really big issue on Twitch for a lot of creators like it did on YouTube a few years back. Creators started to get their videos struck down for DMCA-related issues left, right and center by media companies who own the content. He added:

"You're runing it for everyone else. And you don't care because you're a selfish a**hole. F**k you! Thank you!"

Fans react to AdmiralBulldog's recent statements regarding Pokimane and other controversial streamers

A clip of AdmiralBulldog talking about Pokimane's ban soon hit the LivestreamFails subreddit, where fans immediately criticized the streamer's take on the matter.

An overwhelming majority called out the Swede for being hypocritical as he himself has watched episodes of popular cooking show Masterchef while livestreaming.

A couple of others shared their concerns about their favorite streamers being subjected to more scrutiny on the platform.

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