After Goldeneye 007, a player has recreated the Project IGI duology in Far Cry 5 Arcade

a player has recreated the Project IGI duology in Far Cry 5 Arcade (Image by Far Cry, IGI)
a player has recreated the Project IGI duology in Far Cry 5 Arcade (Image by Far Cry, IGI)

A player has recreated two classic FPS games, Project IGI and IGI 2 Covert Strike, inside the Far Cry 5 Arcade mode using the map editor.

Since Far Cry 3, the series has had an interesting and enjoyable map editor, which has evolved into the Arcade mode in Far Cry 5. The Arcade mode lets players create custom maps using in-game assets and then design missions with objectives.


This freedom of creation has allowed talented fans to create amazing works in the game, including remakes of entire games.

After Goldeneye 007, Project IGI and IGI 2 Covert Strike has been remade in Far Cry 5 Arcade

Previously a user remade entire levels of Goldeneye 007 in Far Cry 5 Arcade. Unfortunately, Ubisoft had to remove it due to a legal dispute. However, Goldeneye 007 isn’t the only game remade using Far Cry 5 Arcade.

Project IGI, developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Eidos Interactive, launched back in 2000. The game received a mixed to positive response and was praised for its level design. The game received the sequel IGI 2: Covert Strike in 2003, published by Codemasters. After that, the franchise went on a hiatus when Innerloop closed in 2003.

While both games had an intriguing level design, they are extremely dated. As such, the Far Cry 5 Arcade remake has made many fans nostalgic.


A player by the name of Gregor has recreated all of the missions from both games. Project IGI had 14 missions and the IGI 2 Covert Strike had 19. Missions can be found in Far Cry 5 Arcade by searching for Project IGI or IGI 2. The list of Missions is as follows,

Project IGI

  • Trainyard
  • SAM Base
  • Military Airbase
  • GOD
  • Rader Base
  • Get Priboi
  • Border Crossing
  • Re-Supply
  • Missile Trainyard
  • Defend Priboi
  • Eagle’s Nest I
  • Eagle’s Nest II
  • Nuclear Infiltration
  • Finding The Bomb

IGI 2 Covert Strike

  • Infiltration
  • Deep in the Mines
  • The Weather Station
  • Bridge Across the Dnestr
  • Ambush
  • Production Facility
  • Border Crossing
  • Libyan Rendezvous
  • Prison Escape
  • Priboi’s Villa
  • The Airfield
  • Zaleb’s Stronghold
  • Showdown at the Docks
  • Island Assult
  • Air-Strike
  • The Ancient Temple
  • Secret Weapons Lab
  • Mission Control
  • The Launch Pad

To clarify, he only remade the missions and not the cutscenes.

Gregor has not only remade the Project IGI duology, but he has also remade several other classic games, including Max Payne, Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and the first two Far Cry games.


The IGI franchise also has a new game coming up, IGI Origins. Developed by Antimatter Games and published by Toadman Interactive, the game will be released in 2022 and will serve as a spiritual reboot to the franchise.

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