All 3 Dendro elemental reactions in Genshin Impact so far: Leaked and existing reactions explained

Dendro reactions in Genshin Impact explained (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dendro reactions in Genshin Impact explained (Image via Sportskeeda)

Genshin Impact will soon release the Dendro element with Sumeru in version 3.0. While the release time of the region and the element is still under a cloud of suspicion, players are excited to finally add characters like Baizhu and Yaoyao with new elemental abilities to their party.

Prominent leakers recently revealed two new Dendro reactions that took the community by storm. Travelers could not resist coming up with theories related to the impact of these reactions on the existing combat meta.

[Intensified] 🌱 x ⚡- drops 1 electro particle- dendro and electro damage to affected enemy is increased for 7s[Overgrown] 🌱 x 💧- drops seeds that become mushrooms- mushrooms explode upon Hydro application and deal AoE Dendro damageDendro doesn't react with ❄️, 🌪️or 🪨

Here's everything to know about the three Dendro reactions in Genshin Impact.

Dendro reactions in Genshin Impact simplified

1) Burning


This is the only Dendro reaction that is currently available in Genshin Impact. While no playable characters can trigger it, some enemies like Dendro Samachurls and Large Dendro Smiles can apply the Dendro effect.

As the name suggests, Burning deals Pyro DMG over time, and the target is affected by the Pyro effect. Having said that, without the availability of damage multipliers and stats, judging the potential of this reaction in combat would be impossible.

2) Intensified


The reaction takes place when Dendro meets Electro. It first drops an Electro particle and then buffs the Dendro and Electro DMG dealt to the enemy for seven seconds.

Many players believe that this reaction will act as an indirect buff for the Electro element. It might help Electro characters become damage dealers and single-handedly carry the entire team.

3) Overgrown


An Overgrown reaction occurs when Dendro meets Hydro. It first drops seeds that eventually turn into explosive mushrooms. These mushrooms deal AoE Dendro DMG upon coming into contact with Hydro.

As per Genshin Intel, the mushrooms can affect enemies as well as characters. This means that players might have to use Overgrown very carefully while fighting swarms of enemies.

Yes, it affects both.…

Dendro doesn't react with three elements in Genshin Impact

Players are disappointed with Dendro as it doesn't react with Anemo, Cryo, or Geo as of now. It makes sense for grass not to react with rocks and wind, but Cryo is one of the core elements, and the community was looking forward to making the most out of it with Dendro's release.

@Genshin_Intel Dendro not reacting with Anemo and geo is weird but sort of understandable, but not reacting with Cryo?? It’s one of the main four elements. Maybe they’re still brain storming it or they’re gonna release the reactions in portions like with the Inazuma islands?

However, a recent gameplay video leaked by Lumie revealed that Dendro and Cryo could be applied to an enemy together. This implies that if players deal a Pyro blow to an enemy affected by Dendro and Cryo, it will simultaneously trigger Burning and Melt reactions.

@lumie_lumie @Genshin_Intel Dendro and other auras that don’t react (cryo) being able to stay on an enemy at the same time is huge. Cryo plus dendro at once, react with pyro you get burning and melt at the same time, this could be huge

As of now, it is too early to judge the viability of Dendro reactions. Players can expect more clarity on the matter once the 2.8 beta begins.

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