Genshin Impact leak suggests Kusanali, The Dendro Archon, may have a new character model type

Genshin Impact players have been wanting to find out more about the Dendro Archon for a while now (Image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact players have been wanting to find out more about the Dendro Archon for a while now (Image via miHoYo)

Tz has released a new Genshin Impact leak stating that the Dendro Archon (Kusanali) will have a unique character body model. It will apparently be a little bit taller than the child model that characters like Klee use, but it will also be shorter than the teen model.

The leaker has a good track record, so plenty of players believe that this leak is authentic. However, there is currently no credible video or photo available to see. Not every leak of his was proven to be accurate, so Travelers should remain skeptical until more evidence comes to light.

Genshin Impact leak: Kusanali (The Dendro Archon) has a new model type

The above Reddit post is a translation of what Tz initially said. There isn't much more to state about it except that it would apparently mean that Kusanali has a new body model. As of right now, female characters have three body types:

  • Child (Klee, Sayu, etc.)
  • Teen (Xiangling, Ayaka, etc.)
  • Adult (Ningguang, Kujou Sara, etc.)

If the leak were true, then the Dendro Archon would introduce a new character model between the child and teen categories. Keep in mind that playable male characters only have two model types (Teen and Adult).

There was an older Genshin Impact leak several months ago that stated the Dendro Archon had a faint resemblance to Paimon. The leaker was deemed credible, but there is no concrete evidence to show to players right now about this claim.

This leaker also referenced Kusanali being a female child, which would be different from her having a unique character model taller than that.

Many players assume that Sumeru will be coming out around Genshin Impact 3.0. If that were the case, then the Dendro Archon will inevitably be leaked once Sumeru's release date draws near.

There was another unconfirmed Genshin Impact leak that stated she had a face like Honkai Impact 3rd's Theresa Apocalypse. miHoYo also made Honkai Impact 3rd and has reused similar designs before, so it wouldn't be unheard of if they did it again.

More importantly, this leak states that there could be big news on May 8. If nothing happens on that day, then this leak is likely fake.

What is known about Kusanali in Genshin Impact?


The Dendro Archon is also known as Lesser Lord Kusanali, and she's the youngest Archon at present. The title of "Lesser Lord" is supposedly one of endearment, based on what Yae Miko stated in the Archon Quest, Wishes. She's approximately 500 years old and is also known as the God of Wisdom.

Fittingly enough, Sumeru is famous for its Sumeru Academia. That academy is the most prestigious of its kind in all of Teyvat, which Lisa graduated from exceptionally early. An NPC named Hosseini states that plenty of people over 30 graduate from it, and his hair is grey as a result of how hard the studying is (and he's under 30).

Yae Miko tells players that they will go to Sumeru next and meet Kusanali. She doesn't reveal much about the Dendro Archon's personality in Genshin Impact.

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