All Assault Rifles in Apex Legends Mobile ranked

The R-301 is an amazing weapon (Image via Calistus/YouTube)
The R-301 is an amazing weapon (Image via Calistus/YouTube)
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In Apex Legends Mobile, players will often rush to find the perfect weapons to complete their loadout. Landing after a drop can be stressful for newer players learning about which weapons are the most effective.

However, all weapons in their own right can be used. There are certain criteria that will help to set other weapons above the rest.

Assault Rifles fill a significant role in Apex Legends Mobile. They are the most versatile weapon type in the game, capable of defeating foes at mid to long-range and even short-range with the right weapon.


Players can outfit them with scopes and optics to increase their effective range and grant them the ability to spot targets in the distance. Most players will want to run one of these in their loadout.

Ranking all Assault Rifles in Apex Legends Mobile

Since Assault Rifles in Apex Legends Mobile excel in the mid to long-range, players can use many different weapons in their loadout effectively.

Pairing a shotgun with an assault rifle will keep players covered in short to long-range, and adding a sniper rifle will make sure they can take out foes from afar with ease. Here are all of the assault rifles in Apex Legends Mobile ranked.

4) Hemlok


The Hemlok is a burst-fire AR in Apex Legends Mobile that fires three rounds with each trigger pull. It has a very fast TTK, but players need to get very comfortable hitting their shots.

Considered a sleeper weapon, this can be very deadly with practice. In addition, putting a 2x-4x scope on this and switching to single-fire mode can decimate at longer ranges.

However, there are more effective and reliable assault rifles in the game.

3) Havoc


The Havoc is an energy assault rifle that requires time to spin up to deal damage. This means players need to plan their attacks or risk being on the receiving end of bullets while waiting for theirs to spin up to fire.

This can be offset with a turbocharger, which will allow it to be spun up instantly, increasing the damage and reliability of the weapon immensely. However, reliance on a hop-up holds it back.

2) Flatline


The Flatline is a hard-hitting heavy assault rifle with a fast time to kill. Players can increase the magazine to a respectable size with attachments and tear through teams with this weapon.

However, because of the recoil and no ability to use barrel mods, players will need to respect this weapon kick to use it effectively. Often players prefer warming up first before using this weapon.

1) R-301


The R-301 is, without a doubt, the most reliable gun in Apex Legends Mobile. Period. It may not have the highest DPS or the biggest magazine, but one thing is certain, it delivers results time and time again.

Players can use this weapon with ease due to its great-handling, manageable recoil, plentiful ammo pickups, and overall great feeling in-game. It's worth picking up almost every single time.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar


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