Best Apex Legends Mobile HUD in 2022

Customizing HUD for a better gaming experience in Apex Legends Mobile (Image via Sportskeeda)
Customizing HUD for a better gaming experience in Apex Legends Mobile (Image via Sportskeeda)

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends Mobile cruised its way into the global market on May 17. This brought a smile to the faces of players who eagerly awaited the launch of a new battle royale game for mobile phones.

Within a week of its release, the title saw a massive response from gamers as millions globally downloaded and played it.

To play mobile shooters at a pro level, users must customize their controls based on how professionals play. Along with practice, customized HUDs can help them perform better in ranked matches and tournaments.

What is the best HUD that Apex Legends Mobile players can set in 2022?

Apex Legends Mobile users with fast fingers tend to have quick reflexes. They can take advantage of the game's unique movement by replicating similar gameplay that a keyboard/mouse gamer or someone with a controller can execute.

However, players must know how to set up their in-game HUD to reach that level. At first, they should practice using the Four Finger Claw control. Such controls require users to use their index and thumbs of both hands to manage multiple buttons and broaden their control potential.

Customized Four Finger control for Apex Legends Mobile (Image via Respawn)
Customized Four Finger control for Apex Legends Mobile (Image via Respawn)

Following their acquaintance with the claw setup, gamers need to group buttons for the Four Finger control to function effectively. Here's a guide on how they can customize their HUD to perform better:

  • Top Left Side: Two firing buttons for sprays and tap-fire shots.
  • Bottom Left Side: Movement stick and sprint/dash button on top for better movement.
  • Top Right Side: Cluster of buttons including mini-map, scope, location pointer, loot crate drop-down, Ultimate ability, TPP/ FPP switch, and scope adjustment.
  • Bottom Right Side: Several buttons like reload, jump, crouch, door open, and melee (optional) are kept here.

Furthermore, to avoid confusion, players should know that the position of the revive, guns, bags, and utility buttons have not changed. According to their gameplay, they can also choose any firing layout from the three available options.

Other Apex Legends Mobile settings for improved gameplay

Following in the footsteps of popular titles like BGMI and PUBG Mobile, Respawn's Apex Legends Mobile has also incorporated plenty of settings to improve users' gaming experience. Customizing these basic settings can help them emerge victorious in more ranked and multiplayer matches with higher kills.


Here's a look at the different basic settings that users can tweak to see an improvement in their gameplay.

  • Left Fire Button: On
  • One tap ADS and Fire: Fire while ADS
  • Bolt-action Sniper Mode: Tap to fire
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode: Tap to fire
  • ADS Mode: Hold
  • ADS Button Rotates Camera: On

Note: The above-mentioned HUD and settings serve as a guide. Gamers can customize their control layout and settings according to their choice, using these values as a base.

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