All Brawl Pass rewards for Brawl Stars Season 27

Brawl Pass, Brawl Stars Season 27
All Brawl Pass rewards for Brawl Stars Season 27 (Image via Supercell)

The Brawl Stars Season 27 began on June 6, 2024, prompting the community to search for all the latest Brawl Pass rewards. With the new season arrives plenty of amazing skins, Coins, Power Points, and more. The latest Cyberbrawl season has also brought the Brawl Pass Plus which will help you attain more prizes.

This article will tell you about all the rewards introduced by the Brawl Pass in Season 27.

All Brawl Stars Season 27 Brawl Pass rewards

The latest Brawl Pass has brought some amazing rewards for the community. There is a Free Pass for the free-to-play community, alongside Brawl Pass rewards and Brawl Pass Plus rewards for the play-to-win contingent.

You can get the Brawl Pass rewards for $6.99 and the Plus rewards for $9.99. Here are all the rewards:

TierFree PassBrawl PassBrawl Pass Plus
Free500 Power Points1000 Bling1500 Bling
1Starr DropNew Player Pin-
2100 Credits100 Credits-
3Starr Drop100 Bling-
41000 Coin1000 Coin1500 Coin
5Starr DropNew Player Pin-
6100 Credits100 Credits-
7Starr Drop100 Bling-
810 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
9Starr DropNew Player Pin-
10100 Credit100 Credit-
11Starr Drop100 Bling-
12100 Credits100 Credits-
13Starr DropNew Player Pin-
141000 Coins1000 Coins-
15Starr Drop100 Bling-
16100 Credit100 Credits-
17Starr DropNew Player Pin-
1810 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
19Starr Drop100 Bling-
201000 Coins1000 Coins-
21Starr DropNew Spray-
22100 Credit100 Credit-
23Starr Drop100 Bling-
241000 Power Points1000 Power Points-
25Starr Drop1000 Credits-
26100 Credits100 Credits-
27Starr Drop 100 Bling-
2810 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
29Starr DropNew Player Pin-
301000 Coins1000 Coins-
31Starr Drop100 Bling-
32100 Credits100 Credits-
33Starr DropNew Player Pin-
341000 Coins1000 Coins-
35Starr Drop 100 Bling-
36100 Credits 100 Credits-
37Starr Drop New Player Pin-
3810 Gems 10 Gems10 Gems
39Starr Drop100 Bling-
401000 Coins1000 Coins-
41Starr DropNew Player Pin-
4210 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
43Starr Drop100 Bling-
441000 Coins1000 Coins1500 Coins
45Starr DropNew Player Icon-
46100 Credits100 CreditsGold Hacker Brock Skin
47Starr Drop100 Bling-
481000 Coins1000 CoinsRGB Hacker Brock
49100 Credits100 Credits-
50Legendary Starr DropHacker Brock SkinIs a Bot Player Title

You can level up and earn rewards by winning matches, earning XP, completing Quests, and progressing through these different tiers. Using XP doublers is a great way to earn XP faster. You can also earn XP by logging in to see the day's rotation of modes and maps.

You can get the Brawl Pass from the Supercell Store (Image via Supercell)
You can get the Brawl Pass from the Supercell Store (Image via Supercell)

While the Free Pass players can only receive the listed rewards, those who bought the Brawl Pass or the Brawl Pass Plus in Brawl Stars Season 27, will get rewards from the Free Pass along with the extra ones.

The free-to-play players can earn up to 8000 Coins, 50 multiple Starr Drops, a Legendary Starr Drop, 1000 Credits, and 2500 Power Points. However, the Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus players receive a lot more.

For example, the Brawl Pass players unlock more credits to get the top-tier Brawlers from Brawl Stars Season 27. Besides, they will also get more Blings to purchase skins and Gems.

However, by buying the Brawl Pass Plus in the Cyberbrawl season, you will also get the 20% XP Boost and two new Brock Skins.

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