Brawl Stars Thumbs Up for Brawl community event: Rewards, requirements, and more

The Thumbs for Brawl community event (Image via YouTube/Brawl Stars)

The Thumbs Up for Brawl is the latest community event in Brawl Stars. It is currently live and requires players to use the thumbs-up reaction Pin after each battle. Similar to other community events, its rewards depend on the collective efforts of all active Brawl Stars players and will be unlocked based on the total number of thumbs-ups Pin used throughout the event.

If the community completes the requirement of this event within time then each player will get five Legendary Starr Drops, making it one of the biggest contests based on the rewards.

This article details all the rewards and requirements for the ongoing Thumbs Up for Brawl community event in Brawl Stars.

All rewards and requirements in the Thumbs Up for Brawl community event in Brawl Stars

The Thumbs Up for Brawl community event will end on June 20, 2024. Subsequently, players have to complete all the requirements before the conclusion date to get the rewards. Here are eight levels of rewards in this event:

  • Daily double Starr Drop: Unlocked instantly from today (June 10, 2024). The rarity of these Starr Drops will vary, with most players receiving the Rare Starr Drops.
  • Double XP: This reward will be unlocked when the total Thumbs-Up reaction Pin used by the community reaches 100 million globally. Using the double XP, players can acquire the Brawl Pass XP at an accelerated rate to unlock more rewards.
  • Double Mastery Madness: In the Thumbs Up for Brawl community event, the double Mastery Madness reward will be unlocked when the community uses 200 million Thumbs-Up reaction Pins. This will allow players to earn more Mastery Points, helping them advance to higher tiers in the Ranked season of Brawl Stars.
  • 5 Legendary Starr Drop: The top-tier reward in this event will be unlocked once the required Pin is used 10 billion times. Each of these Legendary Starr Drops will subsequently unlock Hypercharges, Gadgets, or Skins.

This Brawl Stars event is primarily focused on fostering positivity among players. In contrast to the previous habit where many players used the Thumbs-Down reaction Pin to express frustration after losing a match, this time, they must manage their emotions and use the required Pin to support the community's success.

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Extra rewards during the Thumbs Up for Brawl community event

Lots of Gems (Image via YouTube/Brawl Stars)
Lots of Gems (Image via YouTube/Brawl Stars)

In addition to the rewards mentioned above, the Brawl Stars developers have announced a special giveaway of 1 million Gems to 10 lucky players via social media platforms.

To participate, players must use the hashtags #ThumbsUpForBrawl and #BrawlStars in their comments and posts. The 10 winners will be randomly selected by the developers and they will be contacted after the event concludes.

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