All Genshin Impact Radiant Spincrystal locations and how to use them 

Radiant Spincrystals can be found throughout the land (Image via Genshin Impact)
Radiant Spincrystals can be found throughout the land (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact has introduced a new collectible to the game, one that fans can find scattered throughout the world. These unique coins allow players to access an in-game music player, through which they can listen to their favorite songs inside their Serenitea Pot.

Once players find all the crystals, they are granted a surprising amount of Primogems due to a special achievement up for grabs while hunting for them.

Genshin Impact players have a ton of Radiant Spincrystals to collect, and they will want to stay vigilant while on the hunt. Locating all Radiant Spincrystals can be tricky, but fans can use this helpful guide to find each Spincrystal in the game.

Genshin Impact: All Radiant Spincrystal locations


Radiant Spincrystals are spread out throughout Genshin Impact's in-game world, hidden in the most surprising places.

what the hell are those for you ask? it’s music options for your teapot. you have to buy the device thing from tubby first though, then you can unlock the spincrystal. you can also buy them from chubby. go rob your friend’s chubby as well. (with consent).

Spincrystals are used in the Serenitea Pot to play background music as players explore their pot and spend time crafting the perfect place to live. These tracks range from relaxed and quiet sounds to epic sweeping melodies, and fans can gather a variety of them as they travel.

(2000 years ago) The first iteration of The Seven Archons would gather in Liyue to drink with Rex Lapis. He uses the Euphonium Unbound furnitures to record the music they would bring and change the music in his abode when they visited.

The music can be played through a device bought from Tubby inside the Teapot Realm, known as the Euphonium Unbound. Gamers can purchase this item for 300 Realm Currency. Additionally, they can even choose different models for both indoors and outdoors.

Yae Miko enjoyers!!! You can find radiant spincrystal 47 for the song Miko’s Night near the Grand Narukami Shrine in this location and play it in ur teapot in this update :D it looks like a yellow coin laying on the ground!

Once the device is set up, players can begin hunting down the Radiant Spincrystals. As of the current update, there are 24 Spincrystals to be found across Genshin Impact's vast world, and finding them all can be tricky. However, fans can take advantage of the game's helpful community in hunting down these items.

i allowed direct join and someone came into my teapot to buy a radiant spincrystal i needed...if it's anyone here i'm friends with please let me know next time.

These Crystals can also be purchased over the weekend from Chubby, the traveling merchant. Players can even purchase them from other worlds, though they should be sure to ask the owners first.


Mondstadt: Radiant Spincrystal 4

Several Radiant Spincrystals can be found in Mondstadt throughout the land of Freedom, albeit with some careful searching. These crystals are hard to miss once fans know where to look, as they are large glowing coins with a hole in the middle. Here is where players can find these crystals in Mondstadt:

  • Dawn Winery
  • Mondstadt City
  • Favonius Cathedral
  • Angel's Share

Here are the images for Mondstadt City:

Mondstadt city (5)(i picked some of them alr n forgot to take pics oops)1. behind the chatedral’s graveyard2. KoF’s hq’s rooftop3. behind wagner4. angel’s share

Images for Dawn Winery are below:

Dawn Winery (3)1. on the cart near dw’s sign2. on one of the barrels 3. on a barel behind diluc’s mansion…your favorite windtrace hiding spot


Qingce Village (2)1. chang the ninth’s house2. on a barrel southwest of teleport wp

Radiant Spincrystals can be found in the cities and gathering points of Liyue, including:

  • Qingce Village
  • Wangshu Inn
  • Liyue Harbor
Wangshu Inn (3)1. besides jiangxue2. boxes near the exit3. boxes & carts near the bridge. 2 & 3 both on the ground floor

Players will want to keep an eye out as they explore Liyue Harbor, as there are some tricky Spincrystals hidden here.

Liyue Harbor (3)1. sitting area near northland bank2. a small hill in front of madam ping, in yuehai pavilion3. someone’s house (lmao) near the fish market


Chinju Forest (3)forgot to take pics again oops1. near the water stream2. near a shrine & torii gates3. behind Ioroi

Inazuma is the last place for players to head to collect Radiant Spincrystals, mostly available in the land of Eternity. Fans will need to keep an eye out for these coins during their travels, and can find them in the following places:

  • Chinju Forest
  • Inazuma City
  • Kamisato Estate
  • Grand Narukami Shrine

Two crystals can be found here at the Kamisato Estate:

Kamisato Estate (2)1. besides the shrine2. on the rooftop…also your favorite windtrace hiding spot

Two crystals can be found in Inazuma City:

Inazuma City (2)1. boxes behind komore teahouse2. boxes near omnipresent god’s statue

One last crystal can be found at the Grand Narukami Shrine:

last one on Grand Narukami Shrine (1)just go right from teleport wp

Once players collect this last coin, they should be in the possession of all known Spincrystals so far in Genshin Impact's overworld.

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