All Genshin Impact Starconch locations: Tartaglia AKA Childe ascension materials

Starconches are easy to find (Image via Hoyoverse)
Starconches are easy to find (Image via Hoyoverse)

Genshin Impact players planning to summon Childe from the upcoming rerun banner will want to prepare his ascension materials early. Luckily, Childe's ascension materials aren't too tough to gather, and they can mostly be found in one area in Liyue.

These items are also easy to find, as they stick out on the sandy beaches of the region. You will need to gather tons of these Starconches if you want to max out your Childe, and you should definitely consider doing so as it will improve his damage significantly.

You can find out where to collect Starconches in Genshin Impact here.

Starconches in Genshin Impact: Farming locations in Liyue


Childe has returned yet again to the featured banner, and you'll want to gather tons of ascension materials to max out this 5-star character, as he will deal tons of damage at level 90. You can gather Starconches by exploring Liyue's beaches, and you'll need them to ascend Childe to his max level.

Childe is one of the few characters to use Starconches in the game, so you may already have a lot of them stocked up if you have been collecting them. For those who don't have the 168 required, here's where to find them.

There are plenty of Starconches on the beaches of Yaoguang Shoal and the Guyun Stone Forest, along with some on a smaller beach to the left of Guyun Stone Forest.

You will be able to gather around 77 Starconches simply by walking up and down these beaches and picking up all of the shells. Given that they are bright blue and easy to spot, you shouldn't have a hard time gathering them.

You can also purchase Starconches from Bolai in Liyue Harbor, though he only sells five a day. This can help you get just a bit closer to maxing out Childe, though you won't be able to fully max him out with just one farming route.

If you want to get your Childe to max level in a single day, you'll need to head to another player's world to pick up their Starconches or begin farming as soon as possible to take advantage of the game's daily reset. The Starconches will reappear after a day's time, making it easy to gather enough after just a short while.

You can take advantage of the Genshin Impact interactive map above to create your own farming route for these blue shells. There aren't too many enemies to face along the path, but you will want to keep an eye on your Stamina or bring along a Cryo character as you'll need to cross the ocean a few times while exploring the Stone Forest.

You will easily be able to gather enough Starconches to max out your Childe after a few days of farming, and you'll definitely want to start gathering these shells as soon as you can.

Genshin Impact's latest banner rerun will bring Childe back to the game, giving you a chance to summon and ascend him.