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All known Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches so far

All known Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches so far (Glitch King, YouTube)
All known Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches so far (Glitch King, YouTube)
Modified 03 Apr 2021

Despite the season's wonderful start, Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches were immediately spotted by YouTubers such as Glitch King.

While Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches were limited to a few challenges, other glitches present could be used throughout the game. Most of them were harmless and focused on individual players, while others were game-breaking in nature. Before the first major update, Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches were being used by the majority of players in-game.

There were three distinct Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches that players used to gain experience points. Although one of the glitches was simply a visual issue, the other two allowed players to rack up experience points via a challenge effortlessly.

Players who caught wind of these Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches, enjoyed some early season experience points and faster access to high levels of the battle pass. Although earning XP in Fortnite is comparatively easier than it used to be, leveling up is still a daunting task.

With that being said, it's time to check out the top Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches.

Most used Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches

Players on Spawn Island had a choice to make when it came to earning experience points fast. They could either choose to trigger the "swimming milestone XP glitch" or the "gliding milestone XP glitch".


Both of these quests can be done five times each, and upon completion, players will receive 12,500 per repetition. These two Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches combined, reward players with a total of 125,000 experience points.

Swimming Glitch

The "swimming milestone XP glitch" was perhaps the easiest of the Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches to perform. Players simply had to dive into the water, swim for a bit, and wait there until the Battle Bus launched.

Once launched, players would receive a notification stating that the challenge was completed. The glitch was a great way to allow players to easily complete the "Distance traveled while swimming" quest.


At the moment it would seem as if the quest itself has glitched out, and it is currently being fixed by Epic Games.

Gliding Glitch

The "gliding milestone XP glitch" is a bit more complicated, as players need to collect wood to pull it off. Once enough wood has been collected, players need to build a ramp as high as possible, jump off and begin gliding.

Once up in the air, players need to ensure that they are still gliding when the battle bus launches. The glitch was the fastest way for players to complete the "Distance traveled while gliding" quest.

The Visual Glitch

First spotted by YouTuber "Glitch King," players can could earn a ridiculous amount of experience points from a very simple glitch. All players had to do was collect bones and keep crafting Primal weapons to exploit the glitch. Each level of the challenge that players completed rewarded them 12,500 experience points.


Sadly however, this turned out to be a mere visual glitch and all experience points earned were reset upon finishing the round.

With Fortnite Season 6 just getting started, it's only a matter of time before more Fortnite Season 6 XP glitches start appearing in-game. While most of these will be consistently patched, it's always fun to enjoy them while they last.

Published 03 Apr 2021, 00:12 IST
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