All Modern Warfare 2 Special Ops Tiers and Kits available at launch

Team up with a friend and complete the Special Ops missions (Image via Activision)
Team up with a friend and complete the Special Ops missions (Image via Activision)

There are currently three main game modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Campaign, Multiplayer, and Special Ops. The title was released worldwide on all platforms on October 27 at 9 am PT. Unsurprisingly, everyone is working hard to level up their weapons.

Special Ops has three missions at launch in Modern Warfare 2 that players can team up and finish. Several more will be added to the game with the launch of Season 1 on November 16.

In this game mode, players can use three kits, including Assault, Medic, and Recon. They must level these up by earning Career Stars and completing missions under specific conditions.

Unlock bonuses and upgrades by completing Special Ops missions in Modern Warfare 2

Special ops in #ModernWarfare2 launches with 3 maps taking place on Al Mazrah. • Bad Situation• Vehicle Escape• Observatory Defense

Before starting a Special Ops mission with teammates, players will have to select a Kit, an in-game role specifically suited to certain facets of the game. Raids is another game mode in which the Kits will be usable. It's set to arrive with Season 1 Reloaded on December 14, under the Special Ops umbrella.

First, players will have to earn Special Ops Stars in Modern Warfare 2, which can be done in two ways: completing Special Ops missions weekly or finishing daily challenges. According to Infinity Ward:

"It is highly recommended to tier up your Kits to be better equipped for the challenge of the first Raid. At launch, you can get any Special Ops Kit to Tier 10, well before additional Special Ops Missions and Raid become available during Seasonal updates."

By completing the "Low Profile" mission once, players will earn one Special Ops Star. On the other hand, finishing a mission in under 25 minutes will earn them two Special Ops Stars. Finally, a sub-15 minute finish will earn players three Special Ops Stars.

Modern Warfare 2 enthusiasts can't earn more than three stars per week on a single mission. Each has a unique set of objectives to acquire extra stars.

However, additional stars can be earned per mission by completing the daily challenges of Special Ops. This specifically applies to completing the third Daily Challenge and fourth Bonus challenge.

Second, every star earned in Modern Warfare 2 counts towards two systems: Career Stars and Kit Stars. These stars can be used to level up the tiers of a specific Kit or unlock additional ones.

Players can unlock active and passive abilities, such as reduced weapon reload and cooldown times.

The Assault Kit in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Activision)
The Assault Kit in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Activision)

Assault Kit

  • At Tier 1, players can use three plates instead of the default two and unlock the Armor Box Field Upgrade to provide plates to their teammates every two minutes.
  • At Tier 3, the Assault Suit is unlocked, which gives the player full armor plates and 60% extra health per mission.
  • At Tier 5, the player can use grenades and equipment faster, as well as reload and switch weapons faster.
  • At Tier 7, armor inventory increases from a max of three to five.
  • At Tier 10, players get two Stims in their backpacks at the start of every mission.

Medic Kit

  • At tier 1, players can revive teammates at double the speed and unlock the Revive Pistol Field Upgrade that allows them to instantly revive teammates at the range every 60 seconds.
  • At tier 3, medic players will start every mission with a Self-Revive.
  • At tier 5, players will unlock the Bomb Drone and use it once per mission.
  • At tier 7, tactical sprint will last twice as long, and players will move 30% faster while crouching.
  • At tier 10, players will start every mission with Claymores and AT mines in their backpacks.

Recon Kit

  • At tier 1, players will unlock the Snapshot Pulse Field Upgrade and can use it every 60 seconds to highlight nearby enemies.
  • At tier 3, players will begin every mission with a Sentry Gun and Cluster Mine Killstreak.
  • At tier 5, players will recharge Lethal and Tactical equipment every 60 seconds.
  • At tier 7, players can carry an extra Lethal and Tactical grenade.
  • At tier 10, players will start every mission with a Heartbeat Sensor and a Spotter Score in their backpack.

The Assault Kit is unlocked for players by default at the beginning of their Special Ops career in Modern Warfare 2. Meanwhile, Medic and Recon Kit require one and three stars, respectively, for usage.

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