All Operators and their abilities confirmed for Rainbow Six Mobile so far

Several operators will be part of the new iteration (Image via Ubisoft)
Several operators will be part of the new iteration (Image via Ubisoft)
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Rainbow Six Mobile is the latest project from Ubisoft, bringing a new era for mobile gaming. Featuring all the core mechanics from Rainbow Six Siege, the game will bring the same experience to handheld devices.

Games like Valorant, Battlefield, and Apex Legends have already made their debut in the mobile genre; Ubisoft is doing the same with their brand new mobile game. As known from the reveal trailer, the game will bring familiar faces to the mobile game, staying true to its core.


This article will list down every single existing operator who is confirmed to be a part of the upcoming Rainbow Six Mobile.

All the Rainbow Six Mobile operators confirmed so far

In 2022, the PC version of Ubisoft’s competitive shooter holds over 50 operators, each with their own set of abilities. However, from this long list, only a few have been confirmed to be coming with Rainbow Six Mobile.

The following is a list of confirmed operators coming with R6M:

  • Thermite - Hard breacher who can break open reinforced walls with his exothermic charge
  • Bandit - Defender who can electrify reinforced walls to deny hard breachers from placing their gadgets
  • Twitch - Operator who can use her shock drones to break defender gadgets like Bandit batteries, Jager ADS, and more
  • Mute - Operator who can use his jammer devices to deny any attacker gadget inside its radius
  • Ash - Entry fragger who can use her soft breaching rounds to break unreinforced walls and other utilities
  • Caveira - Roamer operator who can gather live intel on other operators by interrogating a downed attacker operator
  • Rook - Defender who gives out body armor to increase maximum HP of operators who equip it
  • Jager - Operator who can deny throwables from attackers by using his ADS system to protect teammates from the
  • Sledge - Operator equipped with a sledgehammer who can break open surfaces like hatches, walls, and breakable floors.
  • Smoke - Defender operator that can keep attackers at bay by using his toxic smoke canisters
  • Hibana - Another hard breacher that can break reinforced surfaces from a safe distance and help with friendly entry into sites.
  • Valkyrie - Intel-based defender agent who can place throwable cameras on any surface to gain intel over attackers who are in the camera’s line of sight.

More operators can be expected to be seen in Rainbow Six Mobile, as they play a huge part in making up the core gameplay of Rainbow Six. At the moment, all these operators can be confirmed from the reveal trailer and other assets from Ubisoft.

We’re very excited to have announced the development of #Rainbow6Mobile! In our first blog post, we take a few moments to talk about the development of the game, our passion for R6 and bringing it to mobile. 🥳👇

The game’s release can be expected sooner this year, rather than later, as it is already in its alpha stage. The fact that other shooter games are making their debut in the mobile gaming industry also implies its close arrival.

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