All Quantum characters in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail players will hope that the list of Quantum characters will improve in future (Image via MiHoYo)
Honkai Star Rail players will hope that the list of Quantum characters improve in the future (Image via MiHoYo)

The Quantum characters in Honkai Star Rail are among the rarer elemental types in the game. MiHoYo has included seven different elements present at the launch. The Quantum class comprises four names, and there hasn’t been a new inclusion to it as of this writing. While the available list of Quantum characters is limited, they play important roles.

They can do vast amounts of damage alone or in coordination with members from other elements. Since this element is extremely rare, its characters will have higher demand among players.

That being said, let’s find out the various Quantum element characters available for players in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail players will hope that list of Quantum characters will improve in future

The release of Honkai Star Rail featured only four Quantum characters, and things haven’t changed much. However, a new 4-star Quantum unit called Lynx is set to appear on September 20, 2023, during the second half of version 1.3.

Aside from that, these are the existing ones:

  • Fu Xuan
  • Qingque
  • Seele
  • Silver Wolf

Fu Xuan


Fu Xuan is a mysterious character as far as her lore is concerned. She’s a great defensive character, thanks to her alliance with the Preservation path, but there’s not much information available about how she plays in the game. Players will interact with her at least once since she’s an NPC and can be met at Xianzhou.



Qingque is a 4-star character, making her far more accessible than Fu Xuan. She uses her jade tiles to deal damage and has a flexible kit. She can simultaneously cause high single-target and AoE damage and is a handful with a good buffer in someone’s Honkai Star Rail squad.



Seele is quickly becoming a hot favorite with Honkai Star Rail players. Her banner is currently available and will be live for 21 days. She’s one of the best DPS characters in the game, although her moves are entirely focused on single-target damage. Her boosted banner is the best opportunity for players to try and acquire her, although the odds are low.

Silver Wolf


Silver Wolf is one of the earliest characters players will be able to try out. She’s one of two playable characters in the game’s prolog, along with Kafka, which gives one a brief idea about her moves. She’s an able debuffer who can inflict different weaknesses on her enemies.

She can also reduce the enemy’s speed and allow her teammates to eliminate them before they can strike back.

There are rumors about more characters being added to the game soon. Given that the Quantum type has one of the lower numbers of members, it could do well with an increase in available characters.