Andrey Santos in FIFA 23 - Is Chelsea's 'wonderkid' present in the game?

The young talent can be enjoyed in some of the game modes of FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports, Chelsea)
The young talent can be enjoyed in some of FIFA 23's game modes (Images via EA Sports, Chelsea)

Chelsea has been investing heavily in the future, and FIFA 23 players can check out Andrey Santos as a prime example of their mission. The Brazilian is considered one of the shining lights of the South American nation, and many expect him to reach the next level at Stamford Bridge.

So far, the Brazilian has been used in a heavily restricted sense, which has to do with his young age. However, he's seen as a great potential for the future, and Chelsea hope to see him gradually take charge of their midfield in the coming years.

Thankfully, FIFA 23 players won't have to wait that long to find out what Andrey Santos is all about. While he's present in the game, the manner is highly restricted. In other words, the Brazilian wonderkid isn't available in all modes, and knowing the correct ones will allow players to enjoy his talents.

Andrey Santos could be a wonderful choice for FIFA 23 players who play with Chelsea

Broadly, the entire set of FIFA 23's modes can be divided into two distinct types - offline and online. The online section has different sub-modes under it, but the main attraction is certainly the Ultimate Team.


Unfortunately, Andrey Santos isn't a part of the popular mode. This is due to his non-inclusion as a base card by EA Sports, which has led to his absence. Any additions will have to come via the next release, as they no longer carry out mid-season updates.

Alternatively, an introduction is possible via a promo, which is unlikely in FIFA 23. Based on the events set to appear for the remainder of the year, Andrey Santos is an unlikely name to feature. Several contenders from Chelsea are much more realistic choices than the Brazilian, when regarding special promo cards.

Where can FIFA 23 players enjoy the skillful Brazilian? Well, they will have to look no further than the career mode. It is the go-to destination for fans who prefer to take a club of their liking and help them find new glories over time. Winning trophies is only one aspect of the journey, as players must develop talent and manage the commercial aspects as well.

Andrey Santos will be one of the best young and talented players to access at Stamford Bridge. At the start of a career mode save, his current overall will be 70, which is quite realistic based on his actual abilities. While the final number will vary across saves, players can hit somewhere between the 84-85 mark with proper training and game time.


Additionally, all casual modes like friendlies and exhibitions will allow FIFA 23 players to test out the Brazilian. However, his overall will be limited compared to his compatriots, and they will likely prefer alternate choices like N'Golo Kante and Jorginho.

It remains to be seen if Andrey Santos can fulfill his potential in real life, which will benefit both him and Chelsea. This will also improve his stats and overall, and a possible entry into the Ultimate Team. Career mode enthusiasts can also sign him from Chelsea for cheap, but ensuring game time will be vital to help him achieve his potential.

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