Animal Crossing: Everything you need to know about paintings in New Horizons

Redd. Image via App Trigger
Redd. Image via App Trigger

One of the things Animal Crossing does best is let players truly customize their islands. One thing players can use to really light up a home or island is art. Sculptures can really make or break an island's decor, and paintings can do the same for the inside of a home or building.

Unfortunately, when it comes to art, there's only one villager that players can get it from and that's Redd. Redd is infamous for being the shadiest and most untrustworthy villager. One Animal Crossing player even had enough and took him to court.

Paintings in Animal Crossing

As far as paintings go, Redd likes to sell forgeries. Players never know what to expect when dealing with Redd, but expecting forgeries is probably the safest way to go. Here are all the paintings that players might see in Redd's inventory in Animal Crossing at a given time:

  • Serene Painting
  • Warm Painting
  • Wistful Painting
  • Academic Painting
  • Graceful Painting
  • Calm Painting
  • Flowery Painting
  • Jolly Painting
  • Moody Painting
  • Famous Painting
  • Scary Painting
  • Dynamic Painting
  • Scenic Painting
  • Moving Painting
  • Amazing Painting
  • Quaint Painting
  • Solemn Painting
  • Basic Painting
  • Worthy Painting
  • Glowing Painting
  • Common Painting
  • Sinking Painting
  • Nice Painting
  • Proper Painting
  • Mysterious Painting
  • Twinkling Painting
  • Perfect Painting
  • Wild Painting Left Half
  • Wild Painting Right Half
  • Detailed Painting
Twinkling Painting. Image via Animal Crossing World
Twinkling Painting. Image via Animal Crossing World

When players deal with Redd for the first time, they can deny his initial offer, which is way overpriced, and buy a painting for a "discount." This painting will be real. After that, it's anybody's guess. There are ways to tell if a painting is real or not, and many of these are based on real paintings.

For example, the Quaint Painting is based on The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer. In this one, the Animal Crossing painting will have less water flowing out of the jar than the forgery. There are usually noticeable differences if players know that it might be a forgery.

The Academic Painting forgery has what appears to be a coffee stain in the top right corner. The Amazing Painting has a man with a hat in the center, but in the forgery he has no hat. The Basic Painting model has much more hair in the forgery. The Detailed Painting forgery is purple rather than blue. The Famous Painting forgery has more detailed eyebrows than the original. The Graceful Painting forgery has a much taller subject.

Graceful Painting. Image via Animal Crossing World
Graceful Painting. Image via Animal Crossing World

The Jolly Painting is missing a plant in the bottom right corner. The Moving Painting has trees in the top right corner, whereas they are missing in the forgery. The Scary Painting's subject's eyebrows are turned upwards in the forgery. The Scenic Painting forgery is missing a character in the bottom left corner.

The Serene Painting's animal is a lighter color than the forgery. The Wild Painting Left Half forgery is a darker subject. Conversely, for the Right Half, it's the opposite. The Wistful Painting forgery has star-shaped earrings.

The Calm Painting, Moody Painting Flowery Painting, Worthy Painting, Glowing Painting, Common Painting, Mysterious Painting, Nice Painting, Sinking Painting, Twinkling Painting, Warm Painting, Perfect Painting, Proper Painting and the Dynamic Painting will never be a forgery.

It's a safe bet for Animal Crossing players to assume that paintings from Redd will be forgeries. Occasionally, he will surprise Animal Crossing players with a legitimate painting, but he's not exactly known for that. Redd will have between 0 and 4 legitimate paintings in his inventory on any given day. It's entirely possible Redd will only have forgeries for sale, in which case waiting is best.

Redd can only sell players one painting a day, and it will arrive in the mail the next day. Animal Crossing time traveling can circumvent this, but otherwise patience is necessary. Animal Crossing players will need to know a lot before dealing with Redd, so as to not get ripped off.

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